Falcon & Winter Soldier Video Shows BTS Footage of Bucky’s Plane Jump

Sebastian Stan shares behind-the-scenes footage of Bucky’s hilarious plane jump from the second episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Behind-the-scenes video reveals how Bucky’s hilarious plane jump was filmed. Marvel Studios’ ongoing Disney + series kept its titular heroes separate for its premiere in order to establish their respective arcs. But it didn’t last that long as they were finally reunited in the next episode.

After John Walker’s debut as the new Captain America, Bucky asked Sam to confront him about giving the government the shield and passing up the chance to be Steve Rogers’ successor. However, with the threat of the mysterious group, Flag-Smashers also looming, the couple had to put aside their differences and reunite to reunite to reunite to reunite with Karli Morgenthau and her team, who were injected with a new version of the Super Serum. -soldier. . Despite their common goal, they continued to bicker, which resulted in some very funny moments to balance out what is an otherwise darker narrative for the MCU.

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One of the most hilarious pieces of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Until now, Bucky was jumping off the plane following Sam as they followed the Flag-Smashers. But since he underestimated the height of the plane, it ended up falling to the ground. Now, the behind-the-scenes video of how the track was filmed has been shared by Stan on Instagram. Check out the clip below:

Now Sam and Bucky have entered into a comfortable working relationship. They still have a long way to go before they become real friends like they were apart with Steve. However, as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues, expect their bond to be stronger than ever during their collective mission. Based on the trailers released for the show, they will have heart-to-heart conversations in future episodes. From there, they can come out of their Disney + series more in sync with each other.

As for other elements of the series, the latest teaser released for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier alludes to Walker’s nasty turn. Assuming that happens, it would only make Sam and Bucky more motivated than ever to make sure he doesn’t continue as Captain America anymore. As seen in the series so far, the pair have been very protective of the legacy Steve left behind, and Walker’s nefarious actions while wielding the shield effectively tarnish him. Maybe it might even be the boost Sam needs to finally have the courage to take on the superhero character as Steve intended.

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