Falcon & Winter Soldier Reveals Another Endgame Blip Problem

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier reveals another issue caused by Thanos’ blip — global politics is in shambles as previous alliances are now defunct.

Marvel is beginning to really examine the ramifications of the Blip across the MCU with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier revealing one more problem caused by it: the fallout across global politics. Avengers: Endgame ended on a mostly happy note; while the defeat of Thanos came at Iron Man’s and Black Widow’s deaths, the heroes’ goal of bringing back the billions who vanished five years prior due to the decimation in Avengers: Infinity War was achieved. Families were reunited and the unfortunate ones who were affected by the Mad Titan’s snap have been able to get back on their lives. But half a decade is a long time and half of the population suddenly returning after being gone for years would obviously pose some problems.

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Spider: Man: Far From Home was the first MCU film to show what a post-Endgame world looked like. However, after briefly acknowledging it at the beginning, the movie went on to focus on its main narrative — Peter Parker’s bout against Mysterio. Granted that the movie explored the young hero’s grief over the death of Tony Stark, much of the world had seemingly returned to normal, with barely any indication that the Decimation even happened. Phase 4 is trying to rectify this by getting a closer look at the micro and macro-ramifications of Thanos’ snap and his eventual defeat with WandaVision showing what it’s like from the perspective of the snapped like Monica Rambeau and how it was for those left behind like Hayward.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is continuing that trend by showing how the heroes, particularly Sam, re-integrated into society after being gone for five years. The introduction of his sister Sarah further emphasized this idea as they dealt with financial hardships. But the show also offered a different perspective when looking at the ramifications of the Blip, albeit more subtly. After Sam returned Captain America’s shield to the government, he had a brief conversation with Rhodey who asked him why he didn’t want to take the mantle. While Sam argued that in the 70 years that Steve was on the ice, no one carried the shield and everything turned out well, Rhodey pointed out that things are different this time, referring to the world in shambles following the Blip and its subsequent events. Eventually, he went on to reveal that global politics continued to be in disarray months after Endgame, with previously signed treaties and partnerships no longer in effect. This made the situation so volatile because, essentially, no one really knew who their allies and enemies were any more.

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This ties to the rise of the shadowy group known as the Flag-Smashers, which is set up to be another villainous faction in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Like in the comics, they are an anti-patriotic group that really gained prominence during the five years in between Thanos’ snap and its reversal. According to what’s been revealed in the show thus far following Sam’s army contact Joaquin Torres, their goal is to establish a unified world without any borders. Karli Morgenthau, the gender-reversed version of Karl Morgenthau who embodied the persona in print, is the de-facto leader of the Flag-Smashers in the series. What makes the villains so much more dangerous is that they seem to be physically-enhanced, as if they also have super-soldier members like Steve and Bucky.

With The Falcon and the Winter Soldier being an international affair already dealing with events in the U.S., Switzerland, and Tunisia, it’s safe to say that the show will further explore this particular consequence from the snap. It also reinforces the idea of the U.S. wanting to debut a new Captain America — a hero that can represent them on the worldwide stage. Aside from the foreign locations that the show has featured thus far, future episodes will also tackle events in the fictional locations of Madripoor and Sokovia.

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