Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum Review, Price

Fair & lovely is a really old brand. I will review Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum which claims to lighten the dark circles and has a serum like easy to absorb formula. These days under eye dark circles are very common due to less sleep. Stress and change in lifestyle patterns. The Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum comes in a light pink tube with a pink cap and has a nozzle like elongated tip. Such packaging is easy to use and user friendly. Brand says that this serum has eye brightening serum which even tones the skin and multivitamin concentrate that lightens the darkness and gives instant fairness. So, does this Fair & Lovely Serum works well. Read on to know more about this product.

Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum Review and PricePrice of Fair & Lovely Under Eye Serum : It is priced for 60 Rupees in India and is for 12g of the product in the tube.

Experience with Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum

The Fair & Lovely Under Eye Serum is a light weight baby pink colored serum which looks more like the regular lotions or moisturisers. It smells like subtle floral fragrance and little bit like the Fair & Lovely fairness cream. It is not greasy and yet just a tiny bit is enough for the both eyes. It needs to be taken in very less quantity and used under the eyes.

Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum in india

Using this Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum with the ring finger is the best way to apply any under eye cream, lotion or serums. When you’re using this cream make sure to gentle pat the skin under the eyes to let it get completely absorbed. After using this under eye cream for more than two weeks there was not much to be seen and results were not that satisfactory. It has lightened the dark circles but only to certain extent. It could have done more but it didn’t but the skin under the eyes looks better than before which is one benefit of using this cream.

Fair & Lovely Under Eye Serum is not very expensive but rather cheap at just 60 rupees though the results it has given are not much to make me repurchase it again. So, In short, if you are  looking for a very inexpensive solution for your under eyes then do try it else, if you have heavy dark circles or puffiness, then honestly, this under eye serum may not work well. Rather you can apply pure almond oil daily at night. This would work better in curing your dark circles and pigmentation.

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Pros of Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum

  • Price is okay and can be termed as an affordable product
  • Packaging is good and the nozzled tip is very easy to apply
  • Easy to use due to the make of the tube and hygienic also
  • Makes skin texture good by even toning the skin but not much
  • Mild fragrance so, no over powering scent
  • Easy to get absorbed and leaves no greasiness

Cons of Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum

  • Doesn’t lighten the dark circles much
  • Takes a lot of time to show results

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Under Eye Serum is very easy to use and price is also not that much but it doesn’t lighten the dark circles under the eyes very well. It lightens then very slightly only though the skin texture looked better. This serum can be tried to keep the under eye area moisturized but it is definitely not a very good treatment for dark circles.

By the way, if you’ve dark circles then rather than the creams and lotions you can also try pure almond oil at night before going to sleep. Almond oil has antioxidant, high content of Vitamin E and other nutrients that fade dark circles.

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