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THE auburn hair faded combine various shades, from brown to dark red, up to light red and golden orange, and the color comes from this mix copper hair, rich in reflexes, feminine and suitable for all complexions.

It is not surprising that many Hollywood stars have made the most of it, until it becomes their signature look. Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Julianne Moore, Isla Fisher and Christina Hendricks they are the most famous actresses with auburn red hair, and their charm is indisputably linked also to the color of their hair.

How to create the effect copper hair?

If you want to have auburn hair, the ideal choice falls on their version nuanced. The union of the various shaded shades between them is in fact the technique to choose to obtain auburn red hair with a natural appearance, enriched in their movement by different reflections.

Also there daily care, as well as the management of the regrowth of natural color, will be much simpler on a nuanced hair, compared to that which would require a uniform color.

Techniques for obtaining auburn hair:


On a red base, spread all over the hair evenly, or positioned only on specific locks or heights to best enhance the face shape, the highlight they are the first choice to give personality to auburn hair. Their bright gradient effect blends perfectly with the hair and enhances it.

Shatush and balayage

In this case, the gradient involves the lengths from top to bottom, with a effect degradé dark to light. Starting from the darker roots, the coppery red becomes lighter and golden on the tips, as lightened by the sun. This is the ideal choice for those with i Brown hair, because it can keep the color at the root or enrich it with dark red reflections, and gradually lighten it down, obtaining the maximum gradient on the tips.

What auburn hair color to choose?

In this case, the rule of opposites. If you have fair skin, try a darker copper. If, on the other hand, your complexion is olive, it will be enhanced by light shades of copper red.

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