Face Lift: the most effective for the jaw and neck – Fashion.it

Face Lift: the most effective for the jaw and neck – Fashion.it

If on the one hand there is a continuous search for treatments minimally invasive for the face, on the other hand it must be said that, if you do two counts and add the cost (time) of a few sessions of filler, radio frequency or device advanced, the results of which have an effect temporary (maximum six to eight months), you might as well go to a surgeon and prepare to undergo an actual surgery. As the face lifting.

So much so that plastic surgery is experiencing a golden moment (again). “Especially for the lower part of the face, which includes the neck, the jaw and the chin the best solution remains surgical, “he says Pierfrancesco Cirillo, plastic surgeon in Rome and president of Aicpe (Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). “Taking into account the increasingly advanced results that are obtained (the surgeon when he speaks of the scars he defines them as ’embroidery’) and the safety of the operations themselves”.

Although it is necessary to take into account the very precise factors that are decisive for the use of the scalpel or not. But let’s go in order. “First of all, the patient must have time available, “continues the president of Aicpe. “After a mini face lift for ten-so days it is advisable to stay indoors, as regards the final results, it is necessary to wait two to three months. Let’s not forget that, while for a body intervention the ‘socializing’ problem does not arise because it remains covered, for the face it is fundamental, given that it is completely exposed “.

Another determining element is the patient’s picture. “We intervene when there is one muscle release in the lower part of the face, “continues the doctor. “We undo the fabric and ‘pull’: naturally if the laxity is not very accentuated it is easier and more satisfying. The neck, then, is a very difficult area: it is mobile and has very thin skin. Sometimes we intervene with an aspiration on the chin, if there is some accumulation of fat and continue with the lifting or, when the face is empty, we proceed with the technique of lipofilling“.

In short, it is a surgery à-la-carte and customized according to your needs. “I call it a job of tailoring”, Explains Cirilo. “It is no coincidence that I compare the ‘human’ fabric to the” traditional “fabric: if it is cashmere, the result is of excellent quality, when the fabric is poor, even the dress that is made has limits.”

The intervention procedure, when it is standard, is in day hospital and takes place under local anesthesia with sedation, otherwise it may require one night of hospitalization. “Patients, today thanks to social media and information, are increasingly prepared”, continues the expert. “If they make an appointment with a plastic surgeon rather than a cosmetic doctor or dermatologist, it means that they have already considered using a scalpel, even if the visit and personal conditions are very important.”

Another determining factor, indeed an obstacle, is the smoke. “Smokers cannot undergo a facelift because cigarettes cause vasoconstriction which can cause scarring risks ”, explains Cirillo. Likewise a damaged skin, which is itself exposed to much sun over the years, obtains a worse result than those who have treated themselves over the years, followed preventive strategies and perhaps even underwent retouch medical aesthetics “.

The new generation facelift also reports excellent results in the scars. “Today they are small signs under the earlobe,” continues the surgeon. “Of course they depend on the amount of work done, but special glues are also used that minimize the risk of hematomas.” In short, high security and few traces for a face sculpting high level.

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