Eyebrow tint: how to do it in order not to make mistakes

Eyebrow tint: Anyone who has made a more or less drastic change of hair color will have wondered if it was necessary to use an eyebrow tint to also change their hue. They will be fine blonde eyebrows with brown hair? And if I have red hair and I dye my hair black, can I keep this contrast between warm and cold shades?

There are no real style rules, but some precautions Yup. For example, similar shades between hair and eyebrows create a more effect natural and harmonious. Having the eyebrows slightly lighter than the hair makes the look less hard. However, having them darker helps to make them appear more thick.

Eyebrow tint

Eyebrow tint

Beyond the aesthetic indications that can be followed or not, there is only one true and fundamental rule: you never use the hair dye to color the eyebrows. There are in fact products formulated specifically for this delicate area, which are respectful of the skin, the eyebrows themselves and also the eyes. The hair dye would be too aggressive, it could irritate the skin and eyes, and even burn the eyebrows.

Where to make eyebrow tint

To be sure of obtaining a good result, and having greater safety than do it yourself, it is advisable that dyeing the eyebrows is a expert. Just contact a brow bar that, among the various services dedicated to eyebrows, also offers the tint. There are many throughout Italy, opened in recent years thanks to the increasingly widespread attention towards this area of ​​the face.

DIY eyebrow tint

However, you can also tint your eyebrows by yourself. With some attention. Such as the patch test to evaluate product tolerance. 48 hours before dyeing, apply a small dose of product in the inside of the arm. If after two days no skin reactions have appeared, you can proceed. It is also essential to prevent the product from coming into contact with the eyes. Always apply it in small amounts, so that you don’t run.

Henna for eyebrows

In addition to chemical dyes, a product widely used for coloring eyebrows at home is henna. This natural blend will color both the eyebrows and the underlying skin, creating a make-up effect natural looking and long lasting.


Clean the area well. Protect the skin around the eyebrows, applying ointment all around them (for example the Vaseline). Doing so will not stain your skin. Now evenly cover your eyebrows using the applicator supplied in the kit or a cotton swab. Proceed step by step: do not leave the tint on for more than 2-3 minutes. Remove and check the result. If necessary, apply again for maximum 2-3 times.

What if the color isn’t how you wanted it?

No fear. Within a few days, the pigment will already begin to discharge and decrease in intensity.

An ad hoc product

Eyebrows can be an elegant frame of the eyes and together with the latter they contribute to the intensity of the look. It is therefore important that they have the “right” shape, thickness, height, projection, and color …

And it is precisely the color that thinks the Eyebrow kit signed Schwarzkopf, the ideal tool for DIY eyebrows, and to always have color and volume guaranteed. Easy to use thanks to the precision applicator, gives a permanent coloring (lasting up to 4 weeks) for a result natural and lasting. Intensifies and defines the eyebrows, and can be used for 10 applications. Available in three shades: black, light brown, and dark brown.

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