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Explore River Rafting In Shillong For A Fun Adventure In Meghalaya!

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There are various destinations in India where you can experience river rafting, and one of those destinations is Shillong. The amazing thing about Shillong is that you don’t have to be a professional swimmer to enjoy this adventure. All you have to do is explore different places River Rafting in Shillong, As mentioned below, and book what you like best. The best time for rafting in Shillong is in September, October and November. Therefore, make sure that you make a reservation for this time. Let’s take a look at all the adventure addicts in river rafting in Shillong to endure this thrilling activity!

Best place for river rafting in Shillong

In Shillong, there is so much natural beauty and cultural diversity, yet when it comes to adventure sports like river rafting, you can reach the Dawki River. Here is more information about river rafting in Dawki river of Shillong. With family or friends, you can enjoy this adventure experience in Shillong the most.

1. Dawki River

Dawki River


Rafting on the Dawki River is about an hour of activity. One can start a game of river rafting from 11 am to 12 am. Adventure games are labeled with a moderate difficulty level.

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Best time for river rafting in Shillong

right moment


The best time to do river rafting in Shillong is March to June and September to November. The most pleasant season in Shillong is during these months as it is neither too hot nor too cold. Do not visit Tuni in July or August, as heavy rains occur during these months.

It is the summer season when most people enjoy river rafting in Shillong. However, rafting is unrestricted even during winter. River Rafting has outstanding packages and deals during the Christmas and New Year holidays; That’s why people like to go to Shillong even in winter.

River rafting in Shillong remains closed during the monsoon, ie from July to mid-September due to safety concerns. Shillong has a temperature of 14 to 27 ° C in summer and 3 to 12 ° C in winter.

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River Rafting Tips in Shillong



To enjoy the best river rafting in Shillong it is necessary to understand the safety guidelines. Following are some useful tips, which will help in giving you a happy and memorable rafting experience.

1. Never Go Alone
2. A short exercise will bring excellent benefits
3. Know your rapids
4. Casual Clothing
5. A lifejacket is a must have
6. Avoid bringing valuable things to the rafting site
7. Health is first, and so is first aid kit

1. Never Go Alone

Never go alone


The River Rafting Tour in Shillong is a group activity, and no matter whether or not you have done it before, it is always challenging to face the rapids alone. Therefore, always hire a rafting guide who can accompany you to at least four other people.

To have a safe journey, make sure you listen carefully to your instructor and follow all the guidelines given by your instructor. Listening to experienced instructors is very important for a harmless and cherishable rafting experience.

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2. A small exercise will bring excellent benefits

Little exercise


Rafting requires a lot of physical energy and mental endurance, so make sure that you are healthy enough physically and mentally. Therefore, a little stretching will be sufficient for you to work on the paddle at the time of rapids.

If you do not know whether you are adequately fit for challenging streams and activities, discuss it with your rafting guide / instructor so that you can get the best advice for making the right decision.

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3. Know your rapids

Know your rapids


Rapids are divided into different stages, varying from 1 to 6. Thus, it is important to understand the difficulty levels in each stage so that you can prepare for the final obstacle.

Get all the information about the different stages of rapids from your instructor so that you can choose the best one according to your level of comfort.

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4. Casual Clothing

casual wear


To enjoy river rafting in the best possible way, wear the most appropriate clothes according to your ease. Always wear different layers of clothing so that you can add or remove something special when such a situation occurs.

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5. A lifejacket is a must have

A Lifejacket is a must


For your security concerns, it is necessary to choose the lifejet in which you are incredibly comfortable. If you wear an oversized lifejacket, it can cause problems later, so don’t be lethargic when picking up a lifejacket. Always ask your professional trainer to help you obtain and adjust the jacket that you like best.

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6. Avoid bringing valuable things to the rafting site

Avoid fetching valuable things


Most river rafting service providers in Shillong warn tourists to carry their valuables at their own risk. This warning is a clear indication that you should avoid bringing valuable items like vehicle keys, mobile phones, purses etc. to the rafting site.

7. Health is first, and so is first aid kit

Health is first


River rafting in Shillong is a total fun experience, if done safely. Make sure you carry the necessary medicines while going on your rafting adventure. Carry a waterproof bag in which you can keep the basics of first aid case and bee sting kit, insulin, inhaler etc. which you may need.

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What to do for river rafting in Shillong

  • Shorts, swimsuit, sandals, slippers, sneaker shoes are also required.
  • Take ready-to-eat snacks such as fruit juice tetra packs, energy bars, energy liquids, etc.
  • First aid cases including essential medicines are very important.
  • If you are carrying a camera, make sure you keep a new set of batteries along with its waterproof lens and bag.
  • To carry wet clothes, you must bring a plastic or polyester bag.

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Average cost for river rafting in Shillong

There are many rafting packages available, and some of them also include bonfires and camping, for which prices vary. However, if you are here for the purpose of rafting, the average cost of river rafting in Shillong will be around 500 INR per person, which may vary from one provider to another.

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River rafting is a thrilling experience in itself, which is why trying new places should be on your bucket list. Shillong presents itself as a prominent place when you are screaming for the best river rafting experience in India. You can team up with a reliable tour company to ensure the booking is done at all times, and you are all set. Make sure that you follow this guide for a hassle free experience of river rafting in Shillong on your trip to Meghalaya.

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Frequently Asked Questions About River Rafting in Shillong

Q. Who can do river rafting in Shillong?

a. One can do river rafting in Shillong without any significant physical disability. However, the maximum allowed age is 60.

Q. Rafting is dangerous?

a. There is no real danger, and the most common injury from a rafting trip is a skin tan from the sun.

Q. Which levels are best for first-time?

a. After the first time, anyone can ease into the journey and relax on the water with a class 2 or 2+ level.

Q. What equipment do I need?

a. The organizers arrange all the necessary equipment so that the rafters do not have to face much trouble. This means that you can be confident about safety when choosing one of their river rafting packages.

If I do not know how to swim?

a. Yes, people who do not know how to swim can go rafting. Life jackets are mandatory to swim even when they are in the water.

Q. What is the best time for river rafting in Shillong?

a. The best time for rafting is from mid-September to late June. During the monsoon months, the river rafting in Shillong remains closed.

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