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Explore River Rafting In Karjat For An Exciting Adventure On Your Vacation

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Karjat has been attracting a significant crowd of thrilling tourists recently. It is one of the most popular destinations for white water river rafting in Maharashtra and if you are fond of adventure on your getaway, then you should try river rafting in Karjat for an exciting journey.

Karjat is situated on the banks of the Ulhas River, which is known for its scenic water flow. It is a picturesque village in Maharashtra located in Raigad district and has lush green fields and plots. It is surrounded by the Western Ghats and ancient Kondana caves.

River Rafting in Karjat Sahyadri is about enjoying the cool water while being surrounded by the beautiful valleys of the range and Maharashtra. If you are in Mumbai or Pune and want to stay away from the city, then this is your perfect weekend.

Whitewater river rafting in karjat

Whitewater river


Karjat is one of the most popular river rafting spots in Maharashtra. The Ulhas River and its tributary Pij flows throughout the year. During its journey, it collides with several Western Ghat rocks and produces turbulent white water rapids. These white water rapids attract tourists from all over India to experience the thrill and navigate the waters of pee and frolic. Karjat is surrounded by beautiful forests, and you can stay in many camps and enjoy its beauty.

The continuous rapids in Pej is a thrilling experience, and it offers up to 12 levels of rapids. It is not found anywhere else in Maharashtra. The level of rapids ranges from easy to moderate to severe. The Pij River and its waters teach you maneuver skills like no other. The instructor will guide you through the entire journey and will warn you before a high speed. You can enjoy a natural jacuzzi experience in Karjat. The total distance of the river here is 5 km.

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Best time for river rafting in Karjat

right moment


The best advantage of river rafting in Karjat is that it is available throughout the year. You can plan your weekend anytime and enjoy river rafting in Karjat. Karjat and its scenic beauty are at their peak during the monsoon. Karjat is the most crowded in the months from June to August, and tourists come in large numbers from all over India. The river turns into a churning animal in the meantime, and the rapids will shock you and fill you with endorphins. During the summer months, the weather is not as warm, and in winter, cold water and misty mornings are an ideal combination. The average temperature is 13 ° C to 35 ° C.

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Tips for river rafting in Karjat



While visiting Karjat for river rafting trips, always take the following precautions and remember some essential things. Here is a list of initial suggestions for the best river rafting in Karjat.

  • Brace yourself: It is important to be firmly in the boat. The three points of balance are the foot, seat and paddle. Always keep your feet safe and strong under the air duct. Keep a correct distance to get out of the seating position quickly. Always maintain your position on the outer rim of the boat. Keeping an appropriate paddle method is an important step to avoid an accident.
  • Know how to swim: River rafting involves swimming in floating water. Rapids can never be judged, and you may never even know that you may need to get down in the water. Be calm and ready to swim. Your life jacket and helmet will protect you, and your instructor will guide you to a safe place. You can be assured not to step into tight areas. Just remember to keep your feet up and continue swimming.
  • Choose the right outfit: In Karjat, choosing the right gear for river rafting is very important. Always check the weather conditions beforehand and then decide what you might have worn. If it is warm outside of warm clothes, understand that it will keep you ventilated and protect you from the sun. Apply enough sunblock to avoid any sunburn. During monsoon, always carry a waterproof jacket and raincoat with you. During the winter month, wear warm clothes that will prevent heat loss from the body.
  • Have a nutritious breakfast before the adventure: River rafting is a physically exhausting adventure, and you need to make sure that you are active to avoid fatigue. Taking some fruits, nuts, and energy drinks will ensure you control blood sugar levels and normal blood pressure.

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What to Pack for River Rafting in Karjat

You should always be well prepared with the necessary gear and equipment for river rafting in Karjat. These are the things that you should pack for rafting in Karjat.

  1. Dry towels and extra pair of clothes
  2. Sunscreen
  3. sunglasses
  4. Clean drinking water
  5. Nutritional snacks
  6. Disposable waterproof camera

pay attention: Always carry your valuables in a waterproof bag or ziplock pouch.

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White Water River Rafting Cost in Karjat

For river rafting in Karjat you will have to spend around Rs 1000 per head. You can also add a delicious lunch camp to your package and make your journey to Karjat great.

How to reach Karjat

  • By air: Mumbai is the nearest metro city to Karjat. The domestic airport of Mumbai is connected to all major cities of India. You can travel by flying to Mumbai and then by train or road to Karjat.
  • by Rail: Regular local trains run regularly from Mumbai to Karjat. It has got its main railway station and commutes daily. You can take a bus or taxi from Mumbai or Pune to Karjat. State buses run continuously every day. This is the cheapest way to reach Karjat.

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Karjat is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Maharashtra. The beautiful mountains with the storm water of Ulhas river will mesmerize you. One of the most underground places in the country can be explored, followed by river rafting in Karjat to add a thrill of adventure to your journey in Maharashtra.

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Frequently Asked Questions About River Rafting in Karjat

Q. What should you avoid while doing river rafting?

a. When planning river rafting in Karjat, always avoid carrying jewelry, cash, valuables, mobile phones and cameras. These items are not strictly permitted.

Q. What are the rapid levels and grades for rafting in the cart?

a. All white water rafting is classified according to different levels. This is done according to the difficulty and level of waves and tides. Level one class is a fast one, and level 2 class 2 is fast, and so on. The easiest rapids are at levels 1 and 2 and are generally advised for newbies and beginners.

Q. What is the cost of white water river rafting in Karjat? Can I get a group discount?

a. White water river rafting in Karjat will cost from 1000 to 2500 rupees depending on the facilities you get. If you are a large group, you can get a good discount.

Q. How long does it take to complete river rafting in Karjat?

a. River rafting in Karjat can be completed in an hour or two, depending on the current weather conditions and the water level of the river.

Q. Is there any age limit for river rafting in Karjat?

a. Anyone above the age of 14 years can enjoy river rafting in Karjat. It is one of the safest river rafting options in India, and you will always remember it.

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