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A land of legend, myth and history, Sri Lanka offers a world filled with the most rich cultures. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and much more to the extraordinary beauty it has provided. If you like nature, beaches and seclusion, Sri Lanka is the place to be. Sri Lanka in June At least one experiences tourist congestion and therefore serves as one of the best times to roam around the city. Despite witnessing rain, the east and northern parts of the country are still dry and sunny which gives you the best experience of the country.

Weather in Sri Lanka in June

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A large part of the country experiences the monsoon in the southern and western coastal region of Sri Lanka as well as the tea country during June. This is when the mountainous region experiences most of the winds with the amount of rainfall in the south coast and west.

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Why go to Sri Lanka in June?

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Sri Lanka, a country known for its nature and peace, is also one of the most ideal places for relaxation. In the month of June, it proudly hosts large events such as the following:

  • Posan Poya
  • The Poston Festival
  • 26 days 200 hours long Yun Therapy
  • 21 steps of meditation
  • 8 days Breath Yoga Retreat etc.

As is evident, most events in June are completed to maintain health and fitness levels. With these exciting events, a trip to Sri Lanka is also the cheapest during this time. The reason for this is its weather in the month. This is also when visitors can get the best deals that will make their trip budget-friendly.

5 places to visit in Sri Lanka in June

The beautiful expanse of the southern tip of the world deserves its own mention. Sri Lanka is a treat to explore, by hosting a variety of beautiful places to visit.

1. Ella

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This scenic difference offers some of the finest views of the country and tourists are assured of its beauty. Offering an amazing view in June, the difference of the southern hill wall is located in the middle of stunning countryside and houses vegetation plots, forests, tea gardens and so on.

Major Attractions: Ravana’s Cave, Ravana Falls, Tea Gardens, Botanical Plots.

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2. Pinawala Elephant Orphanage

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If you want to see the most heartwarming sight in Sri Lanka, Pinawala is an elephant orphanage. The orphanage is located at a distance of 13KM from Kegel and is a popular tourist destination among tourists. It is a treat to see elephants living carelessly in the midst of nature.

Popular Attractions: Pinawala Zoo

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3. Nuwara Eliya

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It is an old hill station and is older than the 18th century, which is popular for maintaining the colonial atmosphere. This stunning location is bound to take visitors for an aesthetic spin. Experience nature at its best while watching the tea plantations, mountains and the surrounding spectacular waterfalls.

Major Attractions: Golf Course, Victoria Park, Lake Gregory, Pedro Tea Factory.

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4. Adams Peak

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The slope of this peak is worth climbing and to experience taking a break at dawn at sunrise. This popular biodiversity hotspot is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. The mountain has taken the shape of a rock formation and is known for its greenery.

Major Attractions: Laxapana Falls, Peak Wilderness Sanctuary.

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5. Colombo

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The country’s capital, Colombo is a beautiful city that needs a special mention among tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Known for its extraordinary beauty and tuk-tuk taxi, the city is definitely going to make you feel alive. For the beaches, taste authentic food and check out Cheek Face Green, Viharamhadevi Park, Beera Lake, Independence Square and many more attractions.

Major Attractions: Galle Face Green, Viharamahadevi Park, Gangaramaya Temple.

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5 things to do in Sri Lanka in June

1. Climb Sigiriya

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Known as a popular World Heritage Site, Sigiriya is as old as the 5th century AD. It was used at the time as a royal palace. Tourists can climb the mountain to get a spiritual feeling. It is one of the most important urban planning projects and hosts some of the oldest landscaped gardens.

place: Northern Matale District near Dambulla
Time: Preferably before sunset
entrance fees: free

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2. Visit the Tea Garden

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The heart of Sri Lanka boasts of a huge tea industry in which the country is a heritage site of the colonial period. The empire is a paradise for tea lovers, who love to taste and savor the aroma of diverse tea plants along with witnessing some of the best scenery in Sri Lanka.

place: Sirisumana Mavatha, 190/1 Kelimanulla Angora
Time: Monday to Friday (8.30am-5.30pm)
entrance fees: free

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3. Relax at Arugam Bay

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If you have been comfortable with the beach during your Sri Lanka trip, then there is Arugam Bay. Relax by the beach feeling the Chinese soft sand, the awe inspiring sunset and the surrounding peace. Recently, it has also become one of the best surfing arenas in the world.

place: Arugam Bay Beach
Time: All day long
entrance fees: free

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4. See Elephants in Uda Walawe National Park

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However, elephants are a common site in Sri Lanka, although in Uda Valwe National Park, you can experience the beauty up close. Witnesses are driving these animals wild in the national park and that too on their own. The best idea would be to experience a safari park the best. It would be a perfect experience for you to go through those paths and feel the natural eyes up close.

place: Udaya National Park,
Time: Sunday to Monday (6 am-6pm)
entrance fees: INFR 3,500

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5. Search for local food

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Sri Lanka is extremely popular for its local cuisine that offers its own flavor. His Jaffna Crab Curry with an emphasis on seafood is regarded as one of the best in the world with squirri curry. Taste some lovely foods on the streets of Colombo or visit good restaurants, either have fun all the way and eat the nation’s biggest cuisine.

place: Various local food restaurants
Time: Always open
entrance fees: No

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We hope that this article of ours entices you to make your holiday in June more luxurious. If you are eyeing a trip to Sri Lanka, June is the month to come. Book your Sri Lanka trip with TravelTriangle and we assure you of the best nature’s most enjoyable experience.

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Frequently asked questions about visiting Sri Lanka in June

Q. Is June a good time to visit Sri Lanka?

a. Yes, June is the best time to explore the city as it offers the lowest crowds with affordable deals and discounts.

Q. For whom is Sri Lanka popular?

a. Sri Lanka offers amazing beauty along with its rich history, historical structures, beaches and being popular among nature.

Q. What is the weather like in Sri Lanka in June?

a. Some parts of the country experience rainfall while some parts do not receive rain. Therefore, tourists need to plan their trip accordingly.

Q. Which is the most popular beach in Sri Lanka?

a. Many beaches including Vijaya Beach, Mirissa Beach, Hiriketia Beach, Kogla Beach, Arugam Beach and some others are popular beaches in the country.



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