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Exercises for belly fat Breathing Patterns and Technique

Exercises for belly fat Breathing Patterns and Technique 

A flat stomach workout is not very difficult to follow, once you have set your mind to it. Everyone likes to get rid of their bulging tummy or love handles, especially in the summers when short clothes and beaches simply demand a good body and good abs. While there are many ab workouts that one can easily read about on the Internet or other places, the key to following them is to understand that not every person can follow the same workout. Different bodies require different kinds of workouts; in fact, there is also a difference between ab workouts for men and ab workouts for women.

 belly fat Breathing Patterns

Understanding Workout Goals

Before you decide to develop an abs workout plan for yourself, you must understand what your goals are. Are you looking at developing six pack abs or have a decently flat stomach already and need to work on the sides? Different muscle groups need different kinds of exercises, and knowledge of these muscle groups is crucial to develop the right kind of plan for you.

The best way to figure this out is to take the assistance of a trainer. He/she will be able to chalk out an ab workout routine for you, keeping in mind your overall health and fitness needs.

Common Ab Exercises

There are some usual ab exercises that any good fitness coach will recommend. These include the following:

  1. Crunches

There are various different forms of crunches, ranging from the simplest ones where you lie on your back straight with your knees bent to cycling crunches or vertical leg-up crunches. Doing a combination of different types helps to make a good ab workout routine. Choose a combination that targets your upper and lowers abs both, so that you are able to do a complete abs workout in one go.

Woman doing sit-ups. Exercising and sweating.


  1. Leg Raises

Do both legs together or alternate legs. You can separate lower ab exercises from upper ones if you exercise regularly and have specific goals that demand more sets and reps; but in most cases, leg raises are considered to be good for lower abs, and if you raise your upper body a little, then it targets the full muscle group.

lower ab exercises
Athletic trainer shows examples of exercises in the gym
  1. Planks

You can do regular planks to strengthen your core, which also, by the way, helps to strengthen your shoulders and triceps alongside. Then you can do side planks, up and low planks, planks with the kettlebell and so much more. The variations are endless and you can have a lot of fun trying them all. The key thing to remember is that planks not just help you to get flat abs, but also strengthen your core, which means they aid in your overall workout goals as well.


Breathing Patterns and Technique

The correct breathing pattern and technique play a major role in making your abs workout effective for you. You can research and try all the exercises for belly fat there are in the world, but unless you do them right, they are not going to be of any good to you.

exercises for belly fat

This is where the need for a trainer comes in, especially in the beginning stages. He/she will guide you on the correct posture and will tell you how to go about exhaling and inhaling during your reps. The breathing is not just to ensure that you are not running out of breath, but also to enhance your workout; correct exhaling and inhaling gives the right push to the body for the next rep.

Sets and Repetitions

The number of repetitions and sets vary from person to person and it is vital to understand your stamina level, body’s recovery rate and individual fitness goals before starting off with the exercises. In the beginning stages, 3 sets of 15 reps each are considered to be good.

Good ab workouts

However, as you start progressing, your trainer will either increase the reps to 20 per set or will make the sets more challenging by combining free weights. Kettlebell etc. Good ab workouts combine different methods and techniques to help your body go through various experiences and avoid familiarization; that keeps the excitement, anticipation and metabolism up!

Abs and Other Muscle Groups

For a person to have the perfect body, it is vital to give importance to each muscle group equally. You can’t just focus on your abs and forget about the rest of the body. Strengthening your core helps to improve your workout for other muscle groups. You must take advantage of that to strengthen your legs and tone down your arms and chest, while also making your shoulders stronger. Only when all your muscle groups are in complete synergy and sync will your bodies start achieving overall fitness.

Abs workouts

Most experts recommend alternating the days of your weight training with cardio, such that abs can be done on cardio days. Since cardio does not affect the muscles in the way weight training does, your muscles get enough time to relax and recover for a day, before you get back to weight training again. And those in-between days are good to include cardio and abs. That way, even your abs get rest and recovery time and are worked on only every alternate day.

Foods for a Flat Stomach

 The general principle is to cut down carbs and consume a lot of fresh juices and salads that increase the fibre content in the body, detoxify the blood and help improve your metabolism rate. Depending on one’s fitness levels and medical history, customized diet plans can be worked out to enhance the process of achieving a flat stomach.


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