Exciting activities and adventure in Alsace Eastern France

Exciting activities and adventure in Alsace Eastern France

Exciting activities and adventure in Alsace Eastern France

Alsace Eastern FranceAlsace is a lovely and fascinating region of eastern France. A delightful way to explore Alsace is by travelling through the foothills of the Vosges Mountain and along the Rhine plain. To discover the area by car a driving route leads through the countryside and runs parallel to the meandering Rhine River from Molsheim part the historic cities of obernai and Colmar to Guenbwiller. The route also includes trails for cycling, hiking and walking tours. Alsace is the Germanic region of France. The climate in Alsace is almost continental in nature with hot summers and dry, cold winters.

Alsace Eastern France
Alsace Eastern France
Alsace Eastern France

The attraction that brings visitors to Alsace is:

The attractive villages with streets of half-timbered house overflowing with geraniums. The historic city Strasbourg is famous for being the seat of several European institutions and its magnificent red sandstone Gothic cathedral, the world tallest building is celebrating its millennium. There are interlocking waterways and brightly painted half-timbered houses of La Petite France, the historic leather-tanning district, is a picturesque must see .They plied their trades in this district of waterways, weirs and locks crowded by black and white half-timbered house.ecaslA

Alsace wine

A foaming beer is just as popular as a glass of wine, and specialities include not just foie grass and escargots but juicy hammock with steaming cjoucroute, pike perch poached in Riesling and spicy gingerbread. Alsace wine is famous worldwide and wine production is one of the region’s main activities. Most Alsace wines are white wines, in the German tradition. The cheaper Alsace wines are Edelzwicker and sylvaner. The expensive ones are the Gewurtzraminer, especially those known as Vendanges tardives.

Exciting activities and adventure in Alsace:

With the adventure parks, climbing and airborne sports. Alsace is a popular destination for active people. The sky’s the limit when you try your hand at paragliding or speed down the rapid in a canoe or kayak. Try your hand at motorsports and have fun in the summer resorts. Etc. In Alsace expect plenty of adrenaline excitement and thrills.

One of the best dishes in Alsace is Tarte Flambé. It looks like pizza but is not. It is Alsatian flat bread topped with layer of cheese, onion and bacon and baked in a hot oven.

In Mulhouse one can discover the largest and most beautiful museum in Europe that is dedicated to trains. You can recollect the epic period from the very first locomotive in 1844 to the record breaking high speed TGV train.

Hohneck: it is at 1363 m the third highest summit of the Vosges Mountains and the highest point of Lorraine. This natural site offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Vosges, its mountains, its alpine pastures and its lake.

Didiland is a family friendly theme park with live shows. They even have rides for kids, live entertainment and white knuckle roller coasters.

Toy Museum: there is toys displayed from 1800s to today in the Museums.

Nature and culture combine marvellously in Alsace towns. You can admire the museum, architecture and town life. Choose your favourite sports from among the Parc de l’Orangerie in Strasbourg, adjoining bowling alley. Every Thursday especially in July musical, theatrical and artistic evening events is following by screening of open air film.

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