Evil Dead II Virtual Watch Party with Live Bruce Campbell Commentary Is Happening in April

Evil Dead fans might want to set a little bit of time and money aside for the end of April. The folks at Watch With have announced a new virtual screening of 1987’s Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn, which will feature a live commentary from Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell. Tickets for the event are on sale now.

The event will be livestreamed at 8 p.m. CDT on April 24. Those who purchase tickets but perhaps can’t make it at that time will have the opportunity to watch the whole thing on demand for 48 hours after the fact. A description of the event from the official website reads as follows.

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“Have you ever dreamed of watching your favorite movie with the star from that flick? Now is your chance to hand over the remote control to the stars and let them guide you through your faves like you have never experienced it before. Join the celebrity watch party and relive the movie through the eyes of the star – pausing the action to explain scenes, tell unknown stories about the action, or provide funny tidbits of trivia… straight from the source.”

It is promised that Bruce Campbell will share “memories, stories, and anecdotes from the film, and for a few lucky viewers, Bruce will even answer questions from the chat.” There are several ticket levels, with the basic ticket starting at $25. That gets one access to the event. Ultimate VIP tickets were going for $2,500, but those are already sold out. They include a two-minute Zoom chat with Campbell, as well as an autographed chainsaw. There are still, as of this writing, Extreme VIP tickets available. They go for $350 and include an autographed poster, as well as a two-minute Zoom with Campbell. Additionally, there is a $55 ticket that includes an exclusive event poster, though it isn’t signed.

Directed by Sam Raimi, Evil Dead 2 came about due to the success of the original horror classic. However, Raimi, producer Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell decided to go for a major shift in tone, making the sequel far more comedic, with the horror mixed in. It was followed by a sequel, Army of Darkness, in 1992. An Evil Dead remake was released in 2013. Campbell also reprised the role of Ash for three seasons on Ash vs. Evil Dead before its cancelation. Campbell has since retired from the role, except for voicing the character in an upcoming video game.

As for the future of the Evil Dead franchise, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert are producing a new entry titled Evil Dead Rise. It won’t feature Ash but will be taking the series in a new direction. Lee Cronin (The Hole in the Ground) is set to direct. Those who are interested in checking out the Evil Dead 2 watch party can grab tickets now. The site notes that, for licensing reasons, it is only available to stream in the U.S. and Canada. Tickets are available at StellarTickets.com.

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