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Brazilian Wax

If you’re unfamiliar with a Brazilian wax, the idea can be a little scary. But, while having your hair pulled out of your most private parts has its obvious downsides, it also has plenty of upsides. Long-lasting, smooth results are the main reason women are drawn to this style of grooming and often prefer it over shaving. If you want these results for yourself and are considering getting your first Brazilian hair removal, it’s best to do some research first. After all, knowing what to ask for and what to expect can ensure you have a good experience with regular new dates instead of the “never again” horror story.

Brazilian Hair Removal Styles

One of the great things about waxing is that there are so many options, so finding one that’s right for you should be a breeze. From a standard bikini hair removal to a full Hollywood Brazilian, the hair removal styles available are diverse and different. To decide which style is right for you, start by familiarizing yourself with the options. Then choose the amount of hair you want to keep and select from the available shapes the one you like the most. Also remember that like any hairstyle, you won’t have to keep this look forever and you can grow it out if you change your mind.

Bikini Waxing

For those who have never waxed before, a bikini wax can be a great place to start. The style, which is very popular, uses wax to remove any hair that would be visible outside the edges of a standard bikini bottom. As such, this option leaves your hair mostly natural and just tweaks the edges for a cleaner, neater look.

Bikini Waxing

Extended Bikini Waxing

An extended bikini wax takes the original style one step further. While looking quite natural, the top and sides are cut deeper for an even neater appearance. An extended bikini wax will also often include trimming the remaining hairs to a neat length.

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extended bikini hair removal

Brazilian Wax

Although similar to a bikini wax, a Brazilian wax removes more hair. In addition to conditioning the hair in the front, a Brazilian wax also includes the strands underneath and in your behind. There are also several styles of Brazilian waxes available, including a full option and choices with shapes or strips left in front.

brazilian wax

Brazilian full bush

A full bush brazilian is a cross between a bikini wax and a brazilian. The process leaves the bush in the front intact while removing all hair from underneath and around the buttocks.

Full-Bush Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Triangle

A triangle is a very popular shape for women receiving a Brazilian wax. The look is similar to an extended bikini wax, but with the hair on your lips and behind also removed.

Brazilian Hair Removal Triangle

French Wax | Landing runway

A French wax is great for fun-loving women and anyone who wants to be hairless but not completely bald. The hair removal style covers all areas of the Brazilian except the behind. It also usually leaves a vertical strip of strands on top, known as the landing strip.

brazilian wax

love heart wax

A love heart is a fun shape that many women like to choose for their Brazilian wax. The unique appearance is also often chosen as a playful option for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or a birthday.

love heart wax

Hollywood wax

Hollywood Wax removes all hair from the pubic area, including the bikini area, below and behind. Then you end up completely hairless and smooth.

Hollywood wax

Types of hair removal

Upon receiving a Brazilian wax, your technician will select a type of wax to use during the process. Whether she uses natural wax, hard wax, or strip wax will affect your date, so it’s important to know the differences between them.

Natural Wax

If you have particularly sensitive skin or prefer an organic approach to beauty, a natural wax may be the best choice for you. The method, which is gentle on the skin, typically uses a combination of honey and sugar with lemon juice or water. The mixture is then heated to a taffy consistency and applied to the hair as a wax.

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Natural Wax

hard wax

Hard wax is a quick-setting wax that can remove hair without using strips. The hot wax is applied directly to the skin in patches, where it quickly cools and hardens on contact. It is then pulled out, taking the hairs with it. This type of hair removal can be less painful than waxing and is ideal for thick and coarse hair.

hard wax

wax strip

Strip waxing uses soft wax and is excellent for grabbing short hairs. The process involves applying the wax directly to the hairs and skin. The technician then places a strip of fabric over the wax before pulling it out against the direction of hair growth. Although this method is very quick and helpful for removing large areas of hair, it can be quite painful.

wax strip

Tips for the first wax

  • If you shave, let your hair grow to the ideal length before your waxing appointment.
  • As the first epilation can be quite painful and stressful, you may want to drink a glass of wine beforehand to help you relax.
  • If you’re worried about stripping completely, consider wearing a skirt and lifting it up during waxing.
  • Bring a wipe to clean and refresh before receiving your wax.
  • Try to reserve your hair removal outside of periods when you will have your period because your skin will be more sensitive. If it’s unavoidable, wear a tampon and your technician should be able to get around it, but be sure to clean it with her first.

Tips for the first wax

How long does the hair need to be to wax?

If you’re currently shaving but want to wax, it’s important to let the strands grow out a bit first. The ideal length is about a quarter inch or between 0.5 and 1 cm. If your hair is much longer than that, consider trimming it before your waxing or shaving two to three weeks ahead of time. Alternatively, some salons will cut the hair for you, but you may need to make an extended appointment.

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How much does waxing hurt?

Although waxing can be quite painful, most women find it bearable and feel the results outweigh the discomfort. Generally, your first wax will be the worst because the hairs will be the coarsest and densest. Also note that the area will be somewhat sensitive for the rest of the day and that exercising or going to the beach should be avoided right after.

How much does waxing hurt

How long does the treatment last?

When it comes to waxing, everyone’s treatment time will vary slightly depending on their body hair and waxing method. Typically, most salons book appointments that last around 30 minutes for an intimate wax, but the time can often vary between 15 minutes for a bikini wax and 45 minutes for a Hollywood Brazilian. Your very first wax will usually be the longest with progressively shorter treatment lengths as the hairs begin to grow back less coarse and thick.

How long does the treatment take

How long does bikini waxing last?

Bikini and Brazilian waxes tend to last about four to six weeks. Of course, this will vary from individual to individual and may change over time. Although you may need more frequent appointments when you start waxing, the length between them may lengthen as hair growth decreases.

How long does a bikini wax last


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