Everything you need to know about Lash Lifting

Lash Lifting: In modern society, more and more women decide to spruce up their eyelashes with eyelash extensions. Extending your eyelashes is an easy and quick way to improve and highlight your eyes, giving them additional volume and curve, especially if your natural lashes are weak and thin. You don’t need to apply for extensions by yourself, which is the case with strips of false lashes, and when done properly, they are indistinguishable from natural eyelashes. With eyelash extensions, makeup will only take a couple of minutes.

There is, however, another method of improving the appearance of your eyelashes – lash lifting. Eyelash extensions can be quite expensive and can have a negative effect on your natural eyelashes when applied time after time for extended periods of time. A lash lift provides a semi-permanent solution, adding lift and curl to your eyelashes while keeping them protected from any damage.

Lash Lifting
Everything you need to know about Lash Lifting 1

What is lash lifting?

Lash lifting is a procedure during which your natural eyelashes are set into the desired shape, curling them from the base all the way to the tip, highlighting their length, and maintaining a natural look. The procedure is done with the use of a tiny curling rod, as well as a chemical solution which keeps the eyelashes in their desired position. If you’re thinking about getting a lash lift treatment, seek out a licensed professional – never try doing this yourself at home!

Before you even begin the treatment, the stylist needs to go through a thorough consultation with their clients, determining what style of eyelashes they want. On the base of that consultation, the stylist chooses a suitable curling rod, as well as the shape of the lashes. First, the eyelashes and the area around the eyes need to be properly cleaned using a professional cleaner. After that, the stylists curls the eyelashes using a silicone rod and a special adhesive, setting them into the desired position. When all done, the stylist applies a lifting solution that sets the shape in place. The whole treatment takes about 60 minutes.

How long will lash lifting last?

Usually, depending on the natural eyelashes of the client, a lash lift can last anywhere between five and eight weeks, depending on the products used and how fast the client’s eyelashes fall off. As the permed eyelashes get replaced by new ones, they start growing in different directions. At that point, you will need a redo to maintain the look.

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