Everything To Know About Single Amanda Spain-Butts

Amanda Spain-Butts from Temptation Island has caught the eye of Corey Sobczyk, Erin Smith’s boyfriend. Fans want to know all about the temptress.

Many of the men and women starring on Temptation Island season three who came to the island with their significant other have already started to make connections with some of the singles residing in their respective villas. Corey Sobczyk, who came to Temptation Island with his girlfriend, Erin Smith, is no exception.

A single named Amanda Spain-Butts has caught Corey’s eye, and there’s plenty to know about this Texas native, who is proving to be quite the temptress. Corey is one of four men on Temptation Island currently in a relationship, but he has doubts about just how strong that relationship is. He and his girlfriend, Erin, have been dating for nearly two years, but Amanda is already showing Corey that Erin may not be the right woman for him. Amanda is one of two women who Corey has taken on a date since being on the island.

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Amanda recently celebrated a birthday and is now 25 years old, a year older than she was when the show filmed and right around the same age as Corey. According to USA Network, Amanda is currently living in Austin, Texas, though her Instagram bio simply says “Texas.” It’s possible she moved elsewhere in The Lonestar State since starting her journey on Temptation Island.

USA also has Amanda’s occupation listed as “Operations Coordinator,” which entails her working as a lab technician while she studies microbiology in school. Not only does the job sound tough, but so does her major. Amanda certainly has good looks on her side, but it’s possible Corey took a special interest in her due to her intellect as well.

Amanda is also a Pisces. If her zodiac sign aligns romantically with Corey’s, these two may have astrology on their side, as well as their budding chemistry. Pisces are notoriously emotional people, so fans of Temptation Island could see waterworks from Amanda any episode now.

Although Amanda may have a tight schedule with her work and studies, her Instagram proves that she’s quite the traveler in her free time. Could she and Corey share future dates and develop a relationship throughout their journeys on Temptation Island? Surely Erin hopes that’s not the case.

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Source: Amanda Spain-Butts, Instagram

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