Everything to Know About Chris Harrison’s Dating History

Chris Harrison is the subject of intense backlash, and Bachelor franchise fans are curious about his life behind the scenes. Who has he dated?

Fans are curious about who Chris Harrison of The Bachelor franchise fame has dated. Given the dramatic The Bachelor and The Bachelorette storylines that have unfolded under Harrison’s watchful eye, fans want to know if his own love life is filled with dizzying highs and lows. The 49-year-old TV personality hails from Dallas, Texas, and made a name for himself by hosting the franchise’s dating reality shows.

In the last several weeks, Chris Harrison has come under fire due to his role in a huge controversy. The scandal began when fans unearthed photos of Bachelor season 19 contestant Rachael Kirkconnell attending an Antebellum-themed ball. The pictures, as well as other information about Rachael’s problematic past, were discussed when Harrison was interviewed by The Bachelor alum Rachel Lindsay. Unfortunately, during the appearance, Chris didn’t condemn Rachael’s past actions. Instead, Chris spoke in a racially insensitive and unkind way to Rachel Lindsay, who is a Black woman. As a result of backlash related to his comments, he’s now temporarily stepped away from his longtime hosting spot.

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When it comes to his love life, Harrison doesn’t have a dramatic track record, at least when he’s compared to many cast members who have sought love on The Bachelor and its spinoffs. He first found romantic happiness with his college sweetheart, Gwen. They fell in love while they were both attending Oklahoma City University. The couple met in 1991 and got married in 1993. They have two kids together, Joshua and Taylor. In 2012, they decided to file for divorce. However, according to information that surfaced after their split, the two are on great terms and co-parent with ease. See Chris (who was replaced by Emmanuel Acho on After the Final Rose) wishing his daughter Taylor a happy birthday below:

After the divorce, Harrison was single for several years. During this period, it’s unclear whether he was in a serious relationship with anyone. However, rumors circulated that he was briefly romantically involved with the mother of Canadian heartthrob, Justin Bieber. Harrison was allegedly introduced to Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette by another huge name in the reality TV hosting world, Ryan Seacrest. Harrison and Mallette are rumored to have attended a concert together, but it’s believed that sparks just didn’t fly between them.

In 2018, Harrison finally found a more meaningful connection with a woman who is no stranger to the television industry. After exchanging strictly professional DMs, Harrison and Entertainment Tonight host and producer Lauren Zima met during a taping of her show. Harrison made no secret of the fact that he was single and Zima followed suit. The two went out on a date and the rest is history. The two have posted about each other frequently on social media, although they’ve been quieter lately, probably due to the backlash directed at Chris. After three years together, they still appear to be in love. According to Zima, when Chris was off taping The Bachelor, she missed him a lot. See her post below:

The happy couple has made no mention of getting married so far, but marriage certainly seems like a possibility. Though Harrison from The Bachelor franchise has definitely hit a rough patch in his career, Zima has stuck by his side. If that’s not an indication of love and devotion, it’s hard to say what is.

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: Lauren Zima/Instagram

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