Everything To Know About Alex & Whitney

Alex and Whitney met while working as ER trauma nurses and fell in love. Now, they have to pick a dream wedding or buy a home. What will they do?

There are a lot of reasons why people might think that Netflix’s Marriage or Mortgage is just a downer. It’s a show that documents Nashville-based couples as they navigate a difficult choice. They must choose to spend their hard-earned $30k on a down payment for a house or a wedding. This illustrates how few average American couples can afford both these days. However, once viewers get past that depressing façade, there is a real treat of a show waiting.

Though the hosts, real estate agent Nichole Holmes and wedding/event planner Sarah Miller, are certainly part of the treat, the couples themselves are also genuinely fun and interesting to watch. Alex and Whitney, who are both ER trauma nurses, had been out and proud lesbians for quite some time. They had been together for almost two years when they got engaged. Naturally, their engagement was just as sweet and special as their love for each other. Alex set up a giant marquee sign out at a cabin in the woods, and Whitney set up a lovers’ nest in a field, complete with a pillow pile and fire pit for roasting s’mores.

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As a proud lesbian couple, a wedding meant sharing their love out loud with family and friends. As with Marriage or Mortgage couple Cindy and Karla, that was incredibly important to Alex and Whitney. On the other hand, they were tired of paying rent, so getting a house was definitely a top priority. However, at the tip-top of their reasons to buy a house was their precious fur baby, Georgie. They wanted a home for Georgie, but also knew that the way they spoiled Georgie rotten was just a side effect of their desire to have babies of their own.

So there they were, wanting a dream wedding and a home to fill with adorable babies, but they only had $25,000 to make it all happen. They took Georgie (in his stroller) to search for the perfect master bathtub on all their house tours with Nichole Holmes. They tried on gorgeous wedding dresses as they planned their dream wedding with Sarah Miller. In the end, they could only pick one.

Sarah offered Alex and Whitney their dream wedding dresses for 50% off, free veils, and a free flower circle ring as their alter backdrop. Sarah herself would put that flower circle ring together. The wedding would cost the budget price of $24, 980. Nichole offered the women a free installation of the dream bathtub, so their new home could really and truly be their dream house. While Nichole and Sarah made the choice incredibly difficult, Alex and Whitney ultimately went with the wedding.

On February 29, 2020, Alex and Whitney tied the knot. Their wedding day was the best day of their lives. These days, the couple are still happily in love, working together at the same hospital, and saving up to buy a home. In a Marriage or Mortgage twist, Whitney has started a side career as a real estate agent with Your Nashville Agent, LLC. Whitney and Nichole Sell Nashville? Now, that’s a show we’re like to see, Netflix!

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Marriage or Mortgage is now streaming on Netflix

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