Every TV Show & Movie Wallis Day Has Been In

Batwoman has a new Kate Kane in the guise of Wallis Day; we’re running down every television and movie project you may know the actress from.

Batwoman has a new Kate Kane in the guise of Wallis Day – here’s every television and movie project you may know the actress from. Kate Kane was originally played in Batwoman’s first season by Ruby Rose, but Rose found the production schedule grueling and – after sustaining a serious injury on set – stepped down from the role before production on season 2 began.

Rather than recast the role, new character Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) was created to take up the cape and cowl, the first Black actress to take on the role. Kane was believed to have died, but the character will in fact return to the series with a new face following an accident. To be clear, Ryan Wilder will remain Batwoman going forward, with the exact size and scope of Kane’s return still unclear, though the back half of the show’s second season will reportedly dive into the mystery of what happened to Kate.

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Wallis Day will be stepping into the role of Kate Kane, and she’s no stranger to genre audiences at this point. She got her start on the long-running British soap opera Hollyoaks, where she appeared as Holly Cunningham for two seasons starting in 2012. She had small roles in the TV series Trollied and the TV movie Casanova before playing Olalla in the acclaimed 2015 UK adaptation of Jekyll & Hyde.

Day would have bit parts in Will – a TV series chronicling the adventures of a young William Shakespeare – and Shield 5, a thriller released exclusively to Instagram. Day would get her first big break in Hollywood with The Royals, a fictionalized version of the British royal family in modern day London, where she played Violet Lookalike for seven episodes.

Day’s highest profile project to date was the dearly departed SyFy series Krypton, which told the story of Superman’s grandfather Seg-El fighting for justice on his planet. Day played the inscrutable, calculating Nyssa-Vex over the show’s two season run. She would go on to give birth to Jor-El, destined to grow up to be the father of Superman.

Day’s profile is only going to grow from here on out. Apart from Batwoman, she’ll next appear in director Antoine Fuqua’s science fiction thriller Infinite, opposite Mark Wahlberg and Dylan O’Brien. She’s a great choice to take over the role of Kate Kane; she’s a subtle, striking actress who could step into Ruby Rose’s shoes without much difficulty. And after the abrupt end to Krypton, it’s good to know the DC Universe isn’t quite done with Wallis Day.

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