Every Iconic Minecraft World Seed Discovered So Far

From creepypastas to title screens, some of Minecraft’s most iconic world seeds have been found by a dedicated group of players called Minecraft@Home.

One feature that makes Minecraft unique is that a portion of its in-game artwork, including its various main menu backgrounds, are from actual maps players can explore. However, players aren’t granted easy access to these maps and instead have to use special programs to find each one. Finding a specific location can take weeks or even months, but the long process becomes worth it once players are able to visit these iconic Minecraft world seeds themselves.

Minecraft released in 2011 as a simple block-placing survival game, with the same iconic world serving as the main menu background for seven years. When Minecraft began receiving major themed updates from 1.13 onward, the game’s main menu began to change, as well, to reflect those updates. A group of avid Minecraft fans known as Minecraft@Home recently started putting their minds together to find the world seeds for each of these backgrounds, as well as other iconic locations used in Minecraft’s official artwork.

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At the time of writing, there are eight world seeds Minecraft@Home has played a role in discovering, along with a few more projects the group is currently working on. Players can visit these worlds for themselves by using specific versions of Minecraft and the world seeds and coordinates listed in the paragraphs below. Here is every iconic Minecraft world seed discovered so far.

Minecraft’s Original Title Screen World Seed

Minecraft Original Title Screen World Seed

From the day the Minecraft beta was released to the day it was updated to version 1.13, the same panoramic view of an unremarkable Minecraft world was used as the game’s main menu background. Despite many Minecraft players being familiar with this world, no one knew its seed or how they could find it until Minecraft@Home introduced the world to its volunteer-based, distributed computing project. The group’s methods allowed it to use an algorithm to find specific maps. After a month of research, the first-ever Minecraft title screen was found on two different seeds: 2151901553968352745 and 8091867987493326313. This world can only be found in the Beta 1.7.3 version of Minecraft. The coordinates for the background’s exact location are X=61.48~, Y=75, Z=-68.73~.

Minecraft’s Pack.PNG Image World Seed

Minecraft Pack.PNG World Seed

Perhaps a more recognizable image than the original menu background, Minecraft‘s pack.PNG world has been a part of the game for 10 years. The screenshot, which shows a small waterfall pouring out of the side of a hill, is used as the default image for servers and was the icon used for the default resource pack. Once again, Minecraft@Home pooled its resources to locate this elusive seed. Even Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson and Mojang Studios technical director Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams attempted to help find the pack.PNG seed. On September 5, 2020, the seed was discovered and can be accessed exclusively in Minecraft Alpha 1.2.2. The world seed is 3257840388504953787, and the hill can be found at X=116, Z=-31.

Minecraft’s Herobrine World Seed

Minecraft Herobrine World Seed

Herobrine is a Minecraft creepypasta story that was popularized in 2010 by a streamer named Copeland. The hoax turned into a meme in the Minecraft community, followed by mentions of Herobrine in every set of patch notes up until Mojang was acquired by Microsoft. Herobrine was rumored to be the dead brother of Notch who haunted Minecraft players and would kill them with no chance of survival. He may never have actually appeared in-game, but that didn’t stop him from living inside the minds of Minecraft players for years to come. While the memory of Herobrine lived on, the world in which he was first imagined was lost. That was until Minecraft@Home worked to recover the Herobrine world seed. The seed, 478868574082066804, was discovered in Minecraft version Alpha 1.0.16_2, and the coordinates of the original supposed Herobrine sighting are X=5.06, Y=71, Z=-298.54.

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Minecraft’s “Skull On Fire” Painting World Seed 

Minecraft Fire Skull Painting World Seed

One of the most interesting worlds to be found by Minecraft@Home is one many players may not know even exists. One of Minecraft‘s iconic craftable paintings features a flaming skull with a moon and mountain in the background. As it turns out, artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand used an actual Minecraft world as a reference for the painting’s original artwork. Zetterstrand shared screenshots of the seed he used with Minecraft@Home, and the group was able to find the seed on September 10, 2020. In Minecraft version 1.1.2_01, there are two identical seeds where the mountain can be found, -1044887956651363087 and -6984854390176336655, and its coordinates are X=-249.65, Y=91, Z=-29.04.

Minecraft’s Major Update Menu World Seeds

Minecraft Nether Update Title Screen Seed

Minecraft@Home has found the seeds of every main menu background panorama from Minecraft versions 1.13 to 1.16. These seeds may not be the most exciting discoveries, considering their lack of history and short lifespan, but it’s still neat that players can explore them if they wish. Each background is themed and shows off the biggest additions of that update, set in a distinct biome. Update Aquatic’s background was of a sunken pirate ship, Village & Pillage’s was of an overhauled village, Buzzy Bees’ was of a bee and a beehive, and the Nether Update’s background was of the new Nether biomes. The seeds for all four of these worlds were found in just a month of searching, making them some of Minecraft@Home’s quickest discoveries yet. They can be found via the following instructions:

  • Update Aqautic: Minecraft v1.13; seed 1458140401; coordinates X=1553.76, Y=58.62, Z=-1162.785
  • Village & Pillage: Minecraft v1.14; seed 2802867088795589976; coordinates X=240.57, Y=78.12, Z=147.38
  • Buzzy Bees: Minecraft v1.15; seed -4404205509303106230; coordinates X=339.691, Y=65.546, Z=-1072.041
  • Nether Update: Minecraft v1.16; seed 6006096527635909600; coordinates (in the Nether) X=482.208, Y=78.515, Z=-1127.193

Minecraft@Home is continuing to search for iconic maps, including the six backgrounds found in the Super Smash Bros. Minecraft World stage. The group is also working to recreate the original Minecraft trailer, scene-by-scene, by locating and filming in the exact same seeds. And as more major updates are produced by Mojang Studios, Minecraft@Home will have more menu backgrounds to hunt for.

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Source: Minecraft@Home

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