Even With the Coronavirus, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Show Their Charm

Even With the Coronavirus, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Show Their Charm

Many people have been worried about the spread of the coronavirus in recent times. The fears have become exceptionally strong in recent days, what with so many schools shutting down and sports leagues suspending or outright canceling their operations.

But one of the most significant developments entails the discovery that Tom Hanks and his wife have contracted the coronavirus. The stars were in Australia recording a film when they were diagnosed with the condition.

But even with this worry, the two are still in good spirits. They are also showing off their positive charms as they get through this difficult time. The world has been looking for something positive to come out of what is happening, and it appears that the positivity that Hanks and Wilson are carrying along with them is helping.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Show Their Charm

Taking It Easy

Hanks and Wilson stated on social media that they have been working hard to recover from the coronavirus. They have been in isolation, but they are working well to follow the rules and avoid serious concerns.

The couple says that they are in a hospital in Gold Coast. They have been isolated in the area since the diagnosis.

A Bit of Humor

Hanks and Wilson have been showing a sense of humor over the situation at hand. The initial message surrounding the diagnosis had a photo of a surgical glove in a trash can.

A Good Reference

Tom Hanks posted not long after the initial message that he has been doing a thing and that everything has been going well so far in the recovery process. But even with everything, Hanks reminded everyone that like in his movie A League of Their Own, there is still no crying in baseball.

A Friendly Reminder

Hanks also signed off each of his messages with the word “Hanx.” The effort shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as Hanks regularly ends his social media messages with that signature. People will be relieved to know that even today, Hanks still has that sense of charm that has caused many people to refer to him as “America’s Dad.”

A Positive Reminder

The struggles that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are going through may be hard, but they are staying positive in knowing that they can get through the concern. While many are worried about the virus is deadly, the fact is that the mortality rate is still significantly low. Most people who experience the coronavirus only have mild symptoms, and it takes about two weeks for them to recover. Some people might need three to six weeks to recover, but that is more for those who have significant health issues. The problem may also be more substantial among people who are older, particularly those at least eighty years of age.

But whatever happens, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson will remind everyone that the world can get through this troubling moment. The coronavirus isn’t the easiest thing in the world to bear with, but people can recover when they plan well enough in the event that something happens.

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