Etro supports WWF for wolf protection

After the live fashion show at Milan Fashion Week, Etro back to news before the summer break with a charity initiative to support WWF Italia for the protection of the wolf.

Etro joins WWF Italy as a donor, supporting wolf conservation projects as an animal species symbol of our country which still continues to be the victim of many prejudices and serious episodes of poaching.

In addition, the defense of the wolf allows habitat protection in which it is present and of the many other animal species that live in the same territories.

Today more than ever we are aware of how much the Earth is a unique and precious mother for everyone, to be preserved and protected. In recent months we have been able to observe, from our homes, how many animals have started to express themselves freely even in urban contexts, repopulating spaces from which they had long been absent. “, They commented Kean and Veronica Etro.

Coronavirus: animals return to deserted cities

“It is necessary to seek a harmonious balance and coexistence with the animal kingdom, reminding us that we human beings are also part of it. The partnership with WWF Italia stems precisely from the desire for a further concrete commitment to nature.

The brand, which has long been linked to issues of sustainability and environmental protection, in 2019 launched a jacket made with the use of 120 recycled plastic bottles.

“The wolf represents one of the flags of our biodiversity and the commitment to protect it has always been one of the priorities of WWF Italy which, starting with the historic” Operation San Francesco “of 1971, which prevented its extinction, is committed to to defend an extraordinary animal that continues to be in danger even today. Thanks to Etro’s donation, we will be able to continue and strengthen our work to defend one of the symbolic species of our country. ”, Said Benedetta Flammini, WWF Italia Marketing and Communication Director.


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