Etro: all about the first live show after the lockdown

With the first live fashion show after the lockdown, Etro presented the new spring summer 2021 men’s collection and the women’s resort, in the garden of the Four Seasons Hotel, in Milan. On the calendar for the first digital edition of Milan Fashion Week, the IRL show, with all the necessary precautions (the brand paid homage to the guests with sanitizing gels and designer masks), has excited many of those present who have found themselves attending a live fashion show for the first time since the lockdownalso thanks to the live music in homage to Ennio Morricone.

Finally, we are together again, in the garden of this iconic hotel, in the heart of the Fashion District. With this event, we want to emphasize that we are a family, that Etro is a family that lives in a world of joie de vivre, color and positivity. This season we wanted to stage real clothes for real people, discovering together a new authenticity. “, they commented Kean and Veronica Etro, in a press release issued by the brand.

The new Etro men’s spring summer 2021 collection and the women’s resort are inspired by travel as a moment that enriches with experiences and memories, without thinking about the final destination. A journey desired more than ever after the months of lockdown that the fashion system has also experienced.

Present yourself with live models on the gravel path in the garden of the famous hotel in Milan, the men’s and women’s looks are interconnected with striped patterns, Madras paintings and the inevitable Paisley that characterize shirts, unstructured suits, but also light women’s clothes to wear with sandals.

Archival ties complete the Etro dall sartorial suitsrelaxed elegance, while jacquard cardigans tightened at the waist by embroidered belts are worn with pleated skirts. Precious inlays decorate the denim shirts and the suede jackets, the motifs floral camouflage they become allover prints on Bermuda shorts and light sport jackets. Fabrics with flowers and wild animals alternate with graphic-looking patchwork and lively single-color looks.

In line with the company’s commitment to sustainability, the new Etro collections use a series of eco-friendly fabrics and give a second life to archival materials in a virtuous upcycling process. Identified byspecial label BENETROESSERE, these unique pieces include patchwork jeans and jackets made with vintage fabrics, while shirts and polo shirts are created respectively with eucalyptus yarns and fabrics obtained by recycling plastic bottles.

The accessories seen on the catwalk with the new Etro collection they are also designed for travel and range from folding bags to document holder to be worn around the neck in the classic Paisley motif. The new ones stand out on the runway looks colorful sunglasses ETRO x CARRERA COLLECTORS EDITION, summer re-edition of the unmistakable 80s drop model Carrera Champion.


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