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Ethan Zohn’s Equity: Ethan Zohn is an American motivational speaker, former professional soccer player and reality TV personality with a net worth of $ 2 million. He is perhaps best known for winning Survivor: Africa.

Ethan Zohn was born in Lexington, Massachusetts in November 1973. He won the $ 1 million prize in the third season of Survivor and also participated in Survivor All-Stars and Survivor Winners at War. Zohn also participated in the Hollywood Squares television series, participated in the Family Feud series, participated in the reality series The Amazing Race, was a host of the television documentary Everyday Health and appeared in the television series Celebrity. Paranormal project. He co-founded Grassroot Soccer which raises funds and raises awareness about the fight against HIV and AIDS through football. Ethan Zohn was a goalkeeper at Lexington High School and Vassar College. He played professionally in the United Soccer League for the Hawaii Tsunami and the Cape Cod Crusaders as well as in Zimbabwe for Highlanders FC He had relationships with Survivors winners Jenna Morasca and Amber Brkich as well as with Jennifer Love Hewitt .

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