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Prydz’s 2004 single “Call on Me” was his breakout hit, charting in several countries and reaching number one in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. The track was based on a sample of Steve Winwood’s 1982 song “Valerie.” The accompanying music video featured several women and a man doing sexually suggestive aerobics, and it became infamous for its risque content. Despite the controversy, “Call on Me” remains one of Prydz’s most popular songs and is often considered his signature tune.

What is Eric Prydz’s net worth?

Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He garnered attention in 2004 with his now-famous hit single “Call on Me.” The addictive track reached the top of charts worldwide and established Prydz as a household name in the electronic music scene. He has since released several other commercially successful singles, including “Proper Education,” “Pjanoo,” and “Opus.” The latter was featured on Prydz’s debut studio album of the same name, which was met with critical acclaim. Throughout his career, Prydz has won numerous awards and accolades, including DJ of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards in 2017. There’s no doubt that Eric Prydz is one of the most successful DJs in the world today.

Proper Education and Pjanoo

With a career spanning over two decades, Eric Prydz is a name that has become synonymous with both the club scene and the world of electronic music at large. A classically trained musician, Prydz first made a name for himself in the early 2000s with his prolific output of techno and house tracks, many of which were released under a variety of pseudonyms. In 2004, he finally broke through to the mainstream with his hit single “Call on Me,” which quickly became one of the most recognisable dance songs of the decade.

After “Call on Me,” Prydz had his next hit single with “Proper Education,” a remix of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall, Part II.” Released in Sweden in late 2006, it came out in the United Kingdom in early 2007, and reached number two on that country’s singles chart. “Proper Education” went on to earn a Grammy Award nomination for Best Remixed Recording.

Prydz had another hit with his 2008 single “Pjanoo,” which was similarly successful in the UK, reaching number two on the singles chart and topping the dance chart for ten weeks. In recent years, Prydz has continued to produce both mainstream hits and underground club anthems, cementing his status as one of the most versatile and successful producers in electronic music.

Further Releases

In 2009, Prydz released the single “Miami to Atlanta.” Notably, it marked the first use of his signature Pryda snare, a technique that has since become common in trance and house music to delineate progressions in a song structure. Prydz went on to release a three-disc compilation album entitled “Eric Prydz Presents Pryda” in 2012. Following that, he rolled out the project “PR(10)DA,” a series of EPs featuring previously unreleased tracks. This culminated in Prydz’s debut studio album, “Opus,” in early 2016.

A solid commercial hit, the album included the singles “Every Day,” “Liberate,” “Generate,” “Last Dragon,” and the title track. Prydz put out a number of EPs in the years after “Opus,” including “PR(15)DA” in 2019. In recent years, Prydz has also been working on his own record label, Mouseville Records, which has released music by other artists including cirez D, Fehrplay, and Jamie Anderson.


Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz is known for his big, extravagant concerts featuring cutting-edge technology. In 2014, he debuted EPIC 3.0, a concert at Madison Square Garden featuring the world’s largest indoor hologram at 20 meters tall. Prydz took things to an even grander level in 2019 for EPIC 6.0, which included a multistory transparent LED holosphere composed of 72 interlocking panels containing more than 2.4 million LEDs. His groundbreaking use of technology has set him apart from other DJs and established him as one of the most innovative live performers in the world.

Personal Life

Eric and Sofie were married for a little under 5 years. Upon divorcing, Eric agreed to pay her roughly $1 million. She kept their former LA home, all household furniture, artwork and jewelry. In the divorce settlement, Eric kept the couple’s stock portfolio and agreed to pay alimony of $5,000 per month for 48 months. The assets were split evenly between the couple, and Eric paid Sofie a lump sum of $500,000 in cash.

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