Epstein: Prince Andrew will be questioned

It has never happened before: the police of a foreign state who puts an English royal into a criminal investigation. It happens today, with the Jeffrey Epstein case overwhelming Prince Andrew, third son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Second when learning from The Sun, the US Department of Justice, in an unprecedented move, forwarded a request for mutual legal assistance to the British Interior Minister, bypassing Buckingham Palace. A possible procedure, but never activated so far, that would lead the United States to act coercively on Prince Andrew’s freedom to question him. The Duke of York, in fact, seems to have been “elusive” to the requests of American investigators who are investigating the child prostitution run managed by the tycoon and in which Andrew seems to be widely involved.


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Since his complete retirement from public life, Andrew has always tried to disappear among the folds of Buckingham Palace brocades trying to leave this story behind but clearly the accusations are such, many and so detailed that they require a deepening to give justice to the victims of Epstein traffic. We hope that the Royal Family itself decides to intervene to facilitate the investigation and make Andrew stop escaping justice.

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