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Enjoy festival season with your near and dear ones!

Enjoy festival season with your near and dear ones!

Festival seasons
Festival seasons

Festivals bring change in our life, weather and eating habits. In other words they fill our life with enjoyment and enthusiasm. We all look forward to celebrate festivals with eagerness. Our happiness increases when our near and dear ones are with us. They say happiness increases on sharing. Undoubtedly it’s true. Sometimes we have dispute with our relative or friend. Love relations are more important than anything. So, make this festival season, a season of unbreakable bond.

Sometimes we feel hatred and do not want to meet that person again, but life is too short for friendship where the time to fight is?  Spread love and friendship this festive season and enjoy your festivals. There are ample ways by which you can tie a friendship bond with your enemies and frustrated friends and relatives.

Everybody understands the language of love. Even a street dog takes notice of it. Spread love to make your bond strong. Giving gifts and cards can be a wonderful method of showing your concern about the other person. Now day’s gifts and cards are the most suitable way of showing your gratitude. E-cards can speak more than your words. Send e-cards to your near and dear ones. It won’t cost much but it conveys the same feeling which you always wanted to show.

A surprised gift from you can even melt the hardest person. But remember to express your true feeling. Don’t try to cheat the other person. He may not forgive you all the time. This will tie a strong knot between you and your near relative. Enjoying season is ahead why not enjoying with your friends and relatives. Rather this is the most appropriate time to catch up with all those people who are away from you because of any reason.

Festival seasons
Festival seasons

Never hesitate in approaching your upset or angry friend or relative. Sometimes argument between the two people widen the distance between them and then, none of them wants to talk or even look at each other. We should not forget that we have somebody to fight with, whereas there are numerous people who don’t have any friends and relatives with whom they can share their views. We are lucky to have our near and dear ones around us.

Accept their furious nature as one of his characteristics.  This will help you in knowing more about the other person and as said before there couldn’t be better time for patch up except this festive season. Approach them and believe me they will revert back with more zest. You wont regret of approaching then rather feel sorry that why I have not advanced earlier.

Try to solve all the confusion which prevailed between your relationship and simple talk is what you need now. Explain your view point without hurting hid feelings and then calmly listen to what he says. Never make fun of anybody’s views. Remember a relation reciprocates. If you give love you will get love and if your give hate you will be bestowed with hatred.

If you hesitate in approaching the person then ask somebody to break this silence which prevails between you and your dear person. Expressing your true views on a paper can also be a good option. In the end, never clash with your neighbors. They are your first helpers. They will help you even before your friends and relatives approach. This diwali greet them with a gift, warm wishes and sweets. Don’t forget to apply these tact’s to refresh your relations this festive season and undoubtedly you will feel the aura of love and happiness all around you.

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