Energy-efficient home design tips

The year 2017, according to the Chinese zodiac, is the year of the fire rooster. The Pantone color of the year is green. While green is the color of the year, did you know that there are other ways to atone for your home for becoming green? One method is to make your home more energy efficient. The rest of the article gives you some tips on how to align your home design with energy efficiency.

  • Be wise with your choice – fans on the lights!

Making your home cooler is a lot more energy efficient than making it brighter. To do this, install fans in each room rather than putting on lights. During the summer you will see the great benefits.

  • A higher price is not always a quality.

There are a lot of light fixtures that you might want for your home. Surfing the internet and looking at glossy home magazines will open your eyes to many expensive and stylish home accessories. But do you know that quality doesn’t mean expensive?

There are quality choices that won’t burn off a lot of your hard earned money. For example, less expensive bathroom and kitchen appliances can have the same energy-efficient capabilities as more expensive ones. The same principle applies to other household appliances.

  • Window coverings on more windows

Windows should be strategically placed in areas where the right amount of natural light can enter. Thanks to this, you actually save a lot of energy. You won’t need to turn off your fluorescent lights and lamps sooner.

During the day when you just want a darker setting, you just need the right curtains, drapes, or blinds to cover the window. This will also prove useful during the winter months.

  • Install rugs and carpets.

The winter months can really be scary on the skin. These months you are wearing your thickest clothes. You also burn more wood in your fireplaces. But did you know that you can have a more efficient way to get more heat inside your home? The secret lies in the right choice of rugs and rugs on specific parts of the house. Besides decorating the house, these home decorations help trap hot air to give you a warmer feeling.

  • Rethink your ceiling – do you want it lower or higher?

The higher ceiling creates a more spacious look and feel. The lower ceiling makes it easier to heat or cool the home and reduce your energy costs.

Are you looking for an existing energy efficient house? Don’t be afraid to contact your local real estate broker. Your choice could simply be in its ads.

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