Endgame 191 Times, Setting a New World Record

An insanely dedicated Marvel fan has set a new world record. Ramiro Alanis, a personal trainer living in Florida, watched Avengers: Endgame in a theater an incredible 191 times. That was good enough to set an official record, according to Guinness World Records. He now holds the official record for most cinema productions attended of the same film.

The previous record-holder, a YouTuber named NemRaps, had set the record watching Infinity War. So the two most recent records were set by watching two of the most important movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Ramiro Alanis, unquestionably, ended up putting in a lot more time to make it happen. This is because Avengers: Endgame clocks in at 181 minutes, or just over three hours. The record doesn’t account for the movie’s length. Alanis just happened to choose an exceptionally long movie.

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Just to provide some context, watching Avengers: Endgame that many times would take just over 576 hours. Or 24 full days. That is nearly a full month of one’s life spent watching the same movie. That is dedication. And, as it turns out, Alanis sacrificed a great deal in setting the record. Specifically as it relates to his physical fitness. He had this to say about it.

“The most difficult part about this attempt was giving up my social life with my family, the gym (I lost 16 pounds of muscle) and managing my work hours and screening times at the theaters.”

But Ramiro Alanis, for his troubles, can say that he is officially recognized by Guinness World Records. It also means he contributed a great deal to Avengers: Endgame‘s record-breaking run at the box office. The MCU epic earned $2.8 billion during its run in 2019. That was good enough to make it the highest-grossing movie in history, at least for a time. James Cameron’s Avatar, which held the record for nearly a decade, recently took the top spot once again thanks to a successful re-release in China. Speaking further, Alanis had a bit of advice for anyone who has their sights set on a world record.

“Plan accordingly to your record attempt and prepare yourself as much as you can, physically and mentally, all things are possible.”

Avengers: Endgame was directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. The duo directed four movies in the MCU, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War. They have since moved on, most recently directing Cherry for Apple TV+, which stars the MCU’s Spider-Man, Tom Holland. The Russo brothers are now filming The Gray Man, which stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, for Netflix.

As for the MCU, Phase 4 kicked off on the small screen on Disney+ with the release of WandaVision. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently airing as well. The first movie in Phase 4 will be Black Widow. After being delayed for more than a year, it will arrive in theaters and on Disney+ through Premier Access this July. This news comes to us from GuinnessWorldRecords.com.

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