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If you are currently creating a startup, you know which product you want to create. But do you know if people will really notice you? Emily Heyward of Red Antler can tell you how to make people obsessed with your brand.

Join us on TC Early Stage online to understand what sets a specific brand apart from the crowd. And if you heed their advice, your first customers could become your best assets to reach your next big wave of users.

Red Antler works with founders to help them define the vision of their startups. As co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Red Antler, Emily Heyward has worked with some of the most iconic brands of the past decade, such as Casper, Allbirds, Brandless and Prose.

She knows her subject so well that she has just written a book on the brand called Obsessed. But if you want to hear from him directly, TC Early Stage gives you the opportunity to go through the modern rules of brand building.

With this session, you will know how a modern brand is supposed to look, feel and behave. Heyward will also review some case studies and describe best practices for building a strong brand from the first days of your start up to the next step.

TC Early Stage is our brand new fully virtual event which aims to help new founders get exactly the information they need, directly from experienced founders, executives, investors and lawyers who know them best. It will take place from July 21 to 22 and will include more than 50 sessions in small groups on subjects ranging from fundraising to the hiring of your first engineers through the technological pile on which you build your product.

And because it is a virtual event, you can stay where you are and join the show from your home. Each of the 50+ small group sessions is limited to approximately 100 participants so that you can ask your questions directly to the experts who have agreed to participate in the event. If you are a participant and miss a breakout session, you will be able to watch video on demand for all sessions only.

You can take your ticket for TC Early Stage now and find more details on our event page.


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