Elon Musks Sells His Four Remaining LA Houses In One $62 Million Deal

At the beginning of last year, Elon Musk had six properties in the Bel Air region. But now, Dirt.com reports that it has officially “not own home” (at least in Bel Air) with a large $ 62 million deal on a pledge to sell the rest of its four homes in the region of Ardi Tawangerian Well done, first reported back July but now only being finalized. It returned for $ 29 million in June after selling the biggest asset, and another house he sold in October (an interesting note on the October sale: the house reportedly once belonged to comedy legend Gene Wilder, and Wilder’s nephew Was sold to).

The four houses, which do not represent a single contiguous block of land nor do they belong to any integrated architectural style, are for sale as a “property” in May with a list price of $ 62.5 million. Was placed. As you might assume, Musk himself acquired separate assets, a total of $ 55 million – plus untold millions he spent on the largest completion among them – in four separate purchases scattered between 2015 and 2019. Given those sums, it is unlikely that Musk could make any more profit in sales.

elon musks sells his four remaining la houses in one $62 million deal

ODD ANDERSEN / AFP via Getty Image

Even though Musk has done well to unload his assets in Bel Air, he has yet to meet his goal of destroying all of his residential real estate holdings. In 2017 he received a 47-acre Silicon Valley spread in Hillsborough, California for $ 23.4 million, but he was reportedly on the hunt for rental property in the Los Angeles area. Pasadena reportedly includes a posh luxury home (owned, by some coincidence, by Ardi Tawangerian), going for $ 350,000 a month.

There is at least one more house in California that is in the periphery of Musk. His musician girlfriend Grimes also has his home somewhere in Pasadena – and it is not known if he has any plans to sell it.

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