Elon Musk Sells Bel-Air Mansion To Fellow Billionaire William Ding For $29 Million

Elon Musk continues to act on the promise to “not own a house” that he did earlier this year. Wall Street newspaper reports Musk sold Bel-Air mansion for some $ 29 million to billionaire tech colleague William Ding, himself the founder and CEO of a Chinese Internet company known as NetEase.

Musk promised to get rid of all of his real estate in the first part of May, when this property was originally listed for $ 30 million, which means that Ding got a slight rebate of $ 1 million, may -be courtesy of a billionaire to another. Interestingly, the list indicates that the property is “for sale by the owner,” which is somewhat unusual in luxury properties at this level, especially when the owner is as famous (and, possibly, busy) as Elon Musk. .

Built in 1990, the 16,251 square foot mansion was purchased by Musk in 2012 for $ 17 million. It has seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, with amenities like a large two-story library, a spacious guest suite, a home theater, a wine cellar and “large entertainment areas, high ceilings and beautiful finishes “which have been renovated and modernized at least once since the house was built. At the rear, there is a swimming pool and a tennis court, as well as an orchard, a motor field and a garage for five cars, all sharing the space with what the list calls a “large grassy courtyard” .

Mike Windle / Getty Images

The property is said to be one of six Musk owners in the immediate area, including an old house which he now uses as a private school for his children. But the controversial industrialist seems to have lost his enthusiasm for real estate, telling the Wall Street newspaper in May he “is trying to make my life as simple as possible right now, so will only keep things that have sentimental value”. It seems clear that this property, at least, had no more than $ 29 million for Musk.

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