Elon Musk Is Just $3 Billion Away From Being The Richest Person In The World – Could Surpass Jeff Bezos Any Moment

As I write this sentence, Elon Musk is only $ 3 billion shy of being the richest person in the world. Technically $ 3 billion plus $ 1. The numbers are constantly changing, we’re not sure how today’s will end, but it’s very possible that the day is a bit richer than Jeff Bezos for the first time in Elon history.

Elon started this week with a $ 20 billion margin between net worth of $ 175 billion and Jeff Bezos’ net worth of $ 185 billion.

After Monday’s trading, that difference was cut to $ 11 billion – $ 175 billion (Musk) vs. $ 186 billion (Bezos), with Telsa shares down 3% and Amazon down 2%. Both Tesla and Amazon rose slightly on Tuesday.

As I type this article right now, Tesla shares are up 4.8% to $ 771. Tesla started the week at $ 730 a share. As I type this article, Amazon shares are down 1% to $ 3,182. Amazon started the week at $ 3,186 per share.

On stock prices I am looking at right now, Elon Musk has total assets $ 184.5 billion And Jeff Bezos has total assets $ 187.5 billion.

In other words, Elon is $ 3 billion away from the crown.

elon musk is just $3 billion away from being the richest person in the world - could surpass jeff bezos any moment

(Photo by Maja Hitties / Getty Images)

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