Ellen Pompeo Reveals the Real Reason She Has Stayed on Grey’s Anatomy For So Long

Ellen Pompeo can forever be Dr. Knowing Meredith Gray – and that’s okay for her.

I’m going into their 17th season Grey’s AnatomyThe longtime actress is practically synonymous with the successful ABC series at this time. Unlike many of her former co-stars who have moved on to other acting projects, Pompeo has not taken on any other role for 15 years, apart from the fact that she a Doc McStuffins Character and appears in Taylor Swift‘s “Bad Blood” music video in 2015. But as the star explained on the Jemele Hill is undisturbed Podcast, the way her career has evolved, was a deliberate decision.

“I decided to stay on the show,” the mother of three said to Hill. “For me personally, a healthy life at home was more important than a career. I didn’t grow up with a particularly happy childhood. Having a happy life at home was really something that I had to complete to close the hole in my heart and so I made the decision to make money and not have creative roles. “

“I never like to hunt anything, and in my experience it was a lot of hunting,” continued the self-proclaimed “Hustler”. “You have to chase roles, you have to beg for roles, you have to convince people … and even though I produce and it’s the same thing, I think I still do it from one place, I’m never so thirsty because I’m financially hired. “

Pompeo – who is mother of Stella10 Sienna, 5 and Eli, 3 – announced their $ 20 million salary in 2018. As she explained to Hill, she spurred the management of the show to fight for her fair share.


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