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Ellen DeGeneres Owns At Least $100 Million Worth Of Real Estate In The U.S.

There are people who buy a house and live there for years, if not for the rest of their lives. Then there is Ellen Degeneres and his wife Portia de Rossi. They are what you would call “serial fins”. Since 2003, Ellen and Portia have bought and sold more than 20 properties. In 2019 alone, the couple sold three properties, the cheapest of which was close to $ 7 million! It all started in 2003 when DeGeneres bought a house in the Hollywood Hills for $ 6 million. Basically, DeGeneres buys and sells luxury properties in California.

Sometimes she moves several times a year. Although she enjoys this practice quite well, moving around often seems exhausting. But I guess when you have a net worth of $ 400 million, you can hire people to pack your house, move it, and unpack it while you relax in a spa. Or, if you are Ellen, one of your other houses. She sold her flipped houses to a number of celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Sean Parker of Napster and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. She bought properties that once belonged to Brad Pitt and Adam Levine – which are also roughly serial fins. But don’t call Ellen a fin. In an interview on the Today Show, she said that she and Portia move so often because they like it.

“We buy a house and we like it, and we stay there. Then we get bored a bit because we like a different style or a different aesthetic – and I like furniture and decoration – so if I find other thing and we are making money, why not move to another house? “

She documented her journey of buying and selling homes in her 2015 book, Home.

In the Today Show interview, DeGeneres also explained that as they grew up, they didn’t have much money.

“We lived in apartments. We looked at the houses every Sunday, we went to open days, but we could never afford a house. Child, I thought – ‘This is is going to be my house. Now I just bought as many houses as possible. “

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Hollywood Hills – 2003

Purchased: $ 6 million

Sold: $ 9 million

Ownership time: 3 years

In 2003, Ellen bought a house with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. She sold it three years later to Will Ferrell for a net profit.

The Treehouse – 2004

Purchased: $ 1.275 million

Sold: $ 2.1 million

Time held: 1 year

This property is located in the Laurel Canyon area of ​​Los Angeles. This mid-century modern style home in the Hollywood Hills is nicknamed “the tree house” because of the 2,000 square feet of outdoor living space. A year after moving in, she sold the two-bedroom, two-bathroom property to director David Weissman for nearly $ 1 million in profit. Since then, the house has also been owned by Heath Ledger and Adrian Bellani and is currently the home of Josh Hutcherson.

Montecito Manor – 2007

Purchased: $ 15.75 million

Sold: $ 20 million

Time held: less than a year

In 2007, DeGeneres purchased a magnificent seaside resort in Montecito, California. Later that same year, she sold it to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Composed of Beverly Hills – 2008

Purchased: $ 29 million

Combined cost: $ 48 million

Sold: $ 37 million

Holding time: 4 years

In 2008, DeGeneres purchased a 9,200 square foot home in Beverly Hills for $ 29 million. She then bought the two surrounding houses to create a complex. DeGeneres and de Rossi got married in this house. In 2012, they sold the building to Ryan Seacrest at a loss due to the drop in property prices in Los Angeles at the time.

Brad Pitt’s Malibu Beach House – 2011

Purchased: $ 12 million

Sold: $ 13 million

Time held: 1 year

DeGeneres and de Rossi recovered this beach mat which had belonged to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The property had access to the backyard beach, a tennis court and a private beach cove. However, he had nothing to renovate, as Pitt had already done it.

Horse Ranch – 2012

Purchased: $ 8.5 million

Sold: $ 10.85 million

Holding time: about 1 year

The same year that she sold her Beverly Hills complex to Ryan Seacrest, she bought a 26-acre horse ranch in Thousand Oaks, California. The ranch was built in the 1920s as an estate of actor William Powell and had served as both a monastery and a rehabilitation center in the past. DeGeneres and de Rossi lived in all of the property’s cabins during a year-long renovation.

Skouras Residence – 2013

Purchased: $ 17.4 million

Sold: $ 20 million

Time held: approximately one year

This home is located in the super chic Trousdale Estates district of Beverly Hills. Designed by the famous Californian architect Hal Levitt, the house has already been photographed for a Versace campaign. It was one of DeGeneres’ favorite homes. They sold the mid-century modern home about a year later and made a profit of $ 3 million.

Brody House – 2014

Purchased: $ 40 million

Sold: $ 55 million

Ownership time: 6 months

The couple paid nearly $ 40 million for a house in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Six months later, they sold the lavish property for $ 55 million to Sean Parker.

Beverly Hills Villa – 2015

Purchased: $ 16 million

Sold: $ 35 million

Time owner: 3 years

In 2015, they bought a villa in Beverly Hills with four bedrooms and eight bathrooms. In the approximately three years that DeGeneres and de Rossi have owned the property, they have more than doubled their investment.

Rancho San Leandro – 2017

Purchase: $ 7.195 million

Sold: $ 11 million

Time held: approximately one year

This rustic Santa Barbara estate is in the same neighborhood as Oprah Winfrey’s “The Promised Land” estate. DeGeneres only spent about a year there. It is now owned by Tinder founder Sean Rad.

Beverly Hills Mansion – 2018

Purchased: $ 15 million

Sold: $ 15.5 million

Time held: less than a year

DeGeneres and Rossi did not stay long in their five-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills. They made half a million profits for their stay there.

Santa Barbara Ranch – 2018

Purchased: $ 6.7 million

Sold: $ 6.98 million

Time held: approximately one year

The couple bought another Santa Barbara ranch. About a year later, they sold it to Nickelodeon president Brian Robbins.

Adam Levine Manor – 2019

Purchased: $ 45 million

Sold: to be determined

Time held: to be determined

Last year, the couple purchased a newly renovated five-bedroom, 12-bathroom mansion from Beverly Hills from Adam Levine. They stay in this house to this day.

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