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ELIXIR: effective, clean, vegan, beautiful

The world of tattoo is full of surprises and fascinating finds for anyone on the lookout for products outside mainstream shopping circles. We are delighted to present you with some of them in our new feature SHOPPINK which homes in on objects, curious finds and brands to keep an eye out for so you don’t miss them in the morass of the web.


ELIXIR is a Canadian brand (based in Toronto) specialising in skin products which have made a splash with their philosophy of natural, cruelty and animal free products, not to mention their stylish image. Here to talk to us about it is Amani Abouchahine @im.amani who sums it up in just four words: effective, clean, vegan, and beautiful.

Testimonial (for the photos)

Why did you develop this line of products?
I wanted to create a product that checked off all the boxes and didn’t compromise in any area. Effective, clean, vegan, and beautiful. These 4 elements were important to me and something I saw wasn’t out there already. Creating clean and vegan products was important as these are the fundamental values of our brand. Ensuring cruelty-free, animal-free products that are natural and organic but actually work and deliver results. My background was in branding so we spent extensive time on the packaging and look and feel of the product as well. We wanted it to feel luxurious, premium, something that would be beautiful on your nightstand or bathroom vanity. Our customers spend so much time and money on getting their Tattoos; we wanted to offer them a solution to keep them looking brand new and feel good about doing it. We went with a sleek matte black bottle that is bold while still being understated and gender-neutral.


When typically thinking of Tattoo care products, the majority of products on the market currently focus and target care immediately after getting a Tattoo. However, we wanted to think more big picture – Tattoos inevitably fade and lose their vibrancy over time and that is the problem we wanted to address.


What kind of research does Elixir put into the products?
We meticulously tested countless formulas and did extensive ingredient research to combat the main reasons for Tattoo dullness and fading. We wanted to make sure that not only did customers love the product but that Tattoo artists did as well. Before our first launch, we shared products with 50 experienced artists to get their feedback and made adjustments and tweaks based on what we were hearing. Below are the 4 100% organic oils that now make up our Tattoo Oil as well as exactly how they work to combat dull, fading Tattoos:

100% ORGANIC PAPAYA OIL: Rich in vitamins A and C; causing an instant brightening effect on the skin; brings a natural-looking glow and luminosity to the skin

100% ORGANIC CHIA SEED OIL: Nutrient-rich and high in essential fatty-acids; creates a moisture-lock barrier that leaves skin feeling soft and evenly-textured

100% ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL: Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that naturally appear on skin over time

100% ORGANIC COCONUT OIL: Intense hydration with fast absorption into the skin; moisturising with no residual greasy texture left over


Where is the headquarters based?
We are based in Toronto, Canada! Shipping internationally has always been a priority for us since day 1 though as we know Tattoo culture is huge in Europe specifically but even worldwide, over 80% of people have at least one tattoo now, so we have always shipped worldwide with over 95% of our customers being international!


Would you like to tell me something about the testimonials you have for the tattoo aftercare lines?
Yes! Getting genuine testimonials from both customers and artists is always a priority for us for constant improvement. The testimonials speak of instant results and a transformation when applying the product, even for the first time. Since our product is oil-based it was also important for us to not leave a residual greasy effect which a lot of the testimonials also speak of. The product absorbs within a few seconds so you aren’t left with an oily residue. A little also goes such a long way, so we are happy that reviews have also spoken about the fact that the formula is pure and concentrated and you don’t need a lot to see results.


Where can we find the products?
The best place to find us is on our website: www.elixirskin.shop. We recently added a subscription option as we are seeing a lot of repurchases. This way you can save money and subscribe for automatic monthly deliveries based on your needed timeframe. We are also very active on Instagram, so you can follow us there to stay updated on our latest launches and promotions: www.instagram.com/elixir.skin


We are also available in some tattoo studios and clean health food stores; our list of retailers is constantly expanding and we hope to be even more easily accessible in retail this year. We do offer wholesale options for store owners and tattoo artists that can be purchased directly from our website in sets of 10 bottles, under the Wholesale tab.

What other products do you have in the catalogue?
We are currently finalizing our second product and new formulation that will launch in the early fall. Without saying too much, this new product will be a game-changer in maintaining vibrancy and will work hand-in-hand with our existing Tattoo Oil. Customers will have the opportunity to bundle these two products when purchasing and use them together for optimal results.


Thank you Amani! We’ll see you soon on the skin of lots of our followers!

Follow ELIXIR on Instagram: @elixir.skin

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