Eliminate double chin without surgery: can you?

It is the concern of many: the double chin (which is nothing more than localized adiposity), combined with the skin laxity typical of this area, makes the oval of the face less defined.

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The causes of its formation are manifold: not only overweight, but also genetic inheritance, the physiological sagging muscles and skin tissues, and the posture with the chin down, particularly widespread with the advent of the smartphone, so as to give the neck marked and prematurely aged the name of “tech neck“.

“Characteristics also affect the formation of the double chin anatomical-structural of the subject, characterized by the proportions and shape of the lower third of the face, jaw and jaw, along with acquired conditions such as posture, chewing, weight gain and decrease, ”explains the doctor Giovanni Gallo, aesthetic doctor.

Eliminate it with scalpels and cannulas from liposuction however, it is not an option that everyone would choose.

There is in fact aalternative to eliminate double chin without surgery: technology Coolwaves wave, which uses microwaves to reduce local fat in the body, now also serving the area under the chin.

The Florentine company Deka, specialized in the development of medical laser systems, has developed a new handpiece, Shallow, and new technological solutions to be able to exploit the power of microwave also in the area of ​​the chin and thus reduce localized adiposity and skin laxity.

Wave Coolwaves acts in a way non-invasive and painless, with immediate recovery, allowing you to redefine the oval in just 4 sessions, lasting 7-10 minutes, using selective microwaves and confined directly to fat cells.

In the meantime, however, you can always start by putting your smartphone away and raising your head a little.


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