Elden Ring: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, News, and More

Elden Ring: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, News, and More

Do you want to know what’s up with the new game from Dark Soul series creator?

Well, Elden Ring is a dark fantasy RPG that will be releasing in 2022. It has everything we love about Souls games, including its combat, setting, structure and when it releases. But there are also some differences- here’s what they are! Stay tuned for more updates on this amazing game or even preorder now!

What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing video game that will be released in 2022. It’s being developed by FromSoftware and published by Game Atelier and Bandai Namco Entertainment. The new project, which was first announced at E3 2019, will be the first new title from the makers of Bloodborne and Dark Souls since 2015’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Platforms: PS4 , Xbox One , PC (Steam)

Developers: Dark Souls Series Creator – From Softwares Publisher: Game Atelier and Bandai Namco Entertainment Release Date: 2022 Genre: Action Role-Playing Game (RPG) Engine: Unreal Engine 4 (Unreal 4)

JAPAN Studio are also working on the title.

elden ring release date trailer gameplay news
elden ring release date trailer gameplay news

What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an upcoming dark fantasy action role-playing game being developed by FromSoftware. The game will be published by Game Atelier and Bandai Namco Entertainment. It has been described as the first truly open-world game in FromSoftware’s history.

There have been rumours that it will feature George R.R. Martin as a consultant, though there’s no official confirmation yet, all we know right now is that it’s based on his unfinished novel series A Song of Ice And Fire, which is also known as Game Of Thrones. There are 10 playable characters, each with its own unique combat style.

What Is Elden Ring Storyline?

Elden Ring is a fantasy RPG that will be set in a vast world filled with dangers, mysteries and opportunities. There have been rumours about the game being based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire series, but there has been no official confirmation yet. It’ll be graphically impressive, inspired by Dark Souls, Shadow of The Colossus and Bloodborne, so it’s going to look amazing! But what is Elden Ring gameplay like? Well…we don’t know much about it just yet, all we can say is that you can expect a similar level of challenge to FromSoftware games with a focus on both exploration and intense combat.

There are 10 playable characters, each with its own unique combat style. Oh, and if you’re a fan of the Souls series, it’ll feel familiar to you! The game world will be based on the real-world location which was also used for Game Of Thrones locations, so it’s safe to say that Elden Ring is going to be an amazing experience filled with excitement, mystery and adventure. And if that sounds like your kind of thing then let’s hope that Elden Ring pre-order comes out soon! If you want us to keep you updated when news about this game breaks then make sure to subscribe so we can send you updates straight to your inbox.

Release date

a knight on horseback looking at a giant glowing tree.

Ring of Elden is coming back with a new release date and a closed network test in November.

>The original date we got was January 21st, but it’s been pushed back a bit and now it’s coming on February 25th.

>However, there will also be a closed network test that players can sign up for during November to try out the game early.

>You can prepare for the closed network test with the launch of a new teaser site, which includes a sign-up form.

Ring of Elden is “coming back” again…

Are you sure this game won’t be postponed to Ragnarok? They said it would come out by summer after all :

Give me money so I can actually play Ring of Elden.

Seriously.. I feel like paying people just to beta test for me just because no one else will xD

Hey everyone! I know that the release date has been pushed back, but things are looking good and we’re working hard on getting everything ready. We’ll see you in February! – Sam Kjonaas (Soulfallen)

Ad trailer

Elden Ring’s announcement trailer was equal parts gripping and cryptic. In it, we see a figure hunched over an anvil that emits a bright light, and then changes to a man who appears to be putting someone else’s arm over his own as hands reach out to grab him.

Below we are given a quick glimpse of various scenes, including a huge hammer-wielding and a mysterious person with a helmet and flowing red hair. This warrior wields a spear, and after attacking an enemy, we see the titular Ring of Elden break.

This figure is then seen looking up into the red sky, apparently being lit by the light from above. A massive sword is planted in the ground nearby, and we see the figure that was last standing on the anvil as it appears to begin to disintegrate.

Trailer 2

Kickoff Live! revealed the second trailer. The Summer Game Fest was even more extensive. It showcased the open world, characters, combat and some other bits of the story. The story begins with the character summoning a horse and heading out into open space. Some Dark Souls-style characters appear as the character rides. This could hint at the enemies that you will face in the game. Although they look like monsters, it is possible that some of them are allies, if Souls games are any guide.

We see later in the trailer a dark dungeon with more emphasis on combat. We see melee action here, but it is important to point out that the UI has not been shown. The UIs of Bloodborne and Dark Souls are well-known and easy to recognize. We’re curious to know if an identical interface will be found in Ring of Elden. The main character is able to swing his sword with both of his hands but is shown holding a shield in a later shot. It could also feature a similar system, which allows players to choose not to use a shield as in Souls.

We also get a glimpse at what is likely a boss. The main character can be seen avoiding his attacks before unleashing a devastating blow against his opponent. A shot of a character sitting by a fire is seen after that. This could be a reference to the Souls games. The trailer is not yet complete, but we recommend you to check it out.


a knight leaping across a chasm on a horned mount.

Ring of Elden will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PS5. Bandai Namco is a publisher that has had a track record of publishing games for Nintendo Switch. However, this game will not be available on the handheld, which is no surprise. Maybe for the Switch Pro!

How to play

Dark Souls or Bloodborne are your favorites, so you don’t need to worry about Ring of Elden moving too from the established format. Hidetaka Miyazaki spoke to IGN following the reveal trailer for the game at E3 2019. She said that the game will remain an action RPG in third person that is heavily inspired by Dark Souls. You won’t be returning home to collect quests or talk with villagers in this game. Instead, you can expect NPC encounters that are non-hostile to be rare. This adds to the fear and destruction FromSoftware is famous for. known.

Ring of Elden will take a new approach to the world, using a more open structure than the Metroid-inspired maps of past FromSoftware games. This will be the biggest studio game to date. It will allow you to travel around the world on horseback. This is not possible in any of the Souls or Bloodborne games. However, Sekiro had a horse-mounted boss in its early days.

Elden’s Ring allows for character customization, even though the feature was removed in Shadows Die Twice. Interviews will use the term “role-playing” instead of “action adventure” for Sekiro. This means that players will have more choices and be able to choose their preferred play style. It will offer more weapons and magic abilities than the Souls series, and could even have more variety in combat.

It will not cease to be the challenge for which Miyazaki games have been known. Elden ring full force. He spoke to Xbox Wire to say that his staff still values “the joy that players experience in conquering challenges”, and that this should be comparable with previous games.

Bandai Namco demonstrated Ring of Elden gameplay in its latest trailer. It’s more similar to the Souls series than most people expected. Its open world will make the biggest changes, but other than that, combat and an emphasis on exploration will remain the same. The trailer shows the player maneuvering around enemies in typical Souls style. Although it is not clear if the game will have a stamina system or pure movement, it can be seen where its inspiration comes from.

We finally got a 19-minute glimpse of Ring of Elden in action in November 2021. It’s impossible to go into detail here, but there is one new feature: a beam light that guides players to grace spots, akin to Ghost’s guiding wind. Tsushima. They were quick to emphasize that the guide was completely optional. After some cuts showing the player riding through certain environments, the action begins when a sky dragon appears and attacks him along with a group of smaller enemies at a bonfire.

Here is some horseback fighting. This is a new feature in any FromSoftware game, but it’s something we didn’t know was possible. A few basic magic spells look like missiles. There’s also a magic bow that fires three magic arrows at the dragon. The battle is split between close combat on horseback and on foot, with the final attack being Sekiro where the player thrusts their sword into his dragon’s eye.

Next, we will take a look at NPC interactions with Iron Fist. Iron Fist has been trapped in a marijuana monster and is asking the player to release it. Iron Fist launches the pot from its hole by hitting it with a club. This reveals that Iron Fist was not trapped within the pot, but the pot itself. It is the type of strange and easily missed supporting character we have come to love from the series.

We also got to explore more of the stealth mechanic which allows you to track and trap enemies anywhere in the world. Crafting was another new feature. By collecting materials from all over the globe, players will be able prepare their own equipment, including daggers or arrows. Jumps are also back! Jumps are back! This is to say that fall damage seems very minimal if not eliminated.

Other Souls mechanics have returned, including visceral attacks and parries, torches that light dark dungeons up, illusionary walls, deadly environmental traps, and torches to lighten them.

Melina, a new character, was introduced. Melina approaches the player to offer her a deal. It is not clear what this means or who she is. The cryptic narrative will reveal how she will play it out.

In an interview with PlayStation, Miyazaki revealed that two of the Souls series’ fan favorites would be included in Elden Ring. New Game Plus will also include multiple endings. The New Game Plus modes in previous Souls games could be extended almost indefinitely with each run becoming more difficult. However, we are not sure if this will happen here. He didn’t say how many endings would there be or which would determine which one the player would get. We suspect that there will be many obscure and complicated ways to obtain endings based on his past work.

Miyazaki spoke out about difficulty. We don’t want to make it difficult or force people into difficulties. We expect players to be smart, use their intelligence, learn from their mistakes, and memorize the rules. We don’t want players feeling unfairly punished by the game, but that they have the chance to win tough matches and make progress.


a huge hary beast that attacks a person who casts a spell.

Ring of Elden, although not shown in the trailer, will actually allow for four-player online cooperative play. FromSoftware says you can “traverse on foot, horseback, solo, or online with your friends through lush forests, sweltering swamps and grassy plains.”

Let’s take a look at the co-op. We now notice or hear that the emotes have very few voice lines. Random summons can communicate with each other much better than gestures.

Multiplayer functionality in Souls games is difficult. Both players must have certain items to summon and bond with one another. It is not clear if this functionality will be available in Ring of Elden or if it will have its own identity.

Downloadable content

a horseman in the woods near a giant hooded figure.

It’s too early to know if the Ring of Elden DLC will be included, considering the game is still a few months away. Based on the Bloodborne and Dark Souls games, it is very likely that Ring of Elden support will be provided after launch. It’s safe to assume that every Souls game has received major post-launch extensions. Elden’s Ring will also be available. After the game is out, we’ll probably find out more.

Make an order

a man with a spear hiding in some bushes next to a caravan.

In fact, you can pre -order Ring of Elden through Amazon right now for the PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X versions of the game.

a game of thrones

george rr martin standing by a rope.

Ring of Elden was developed in close collaboration by George R. R. Martin. His A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels have been adapted. The program will be released later. Game of Thrones Miyazaki shared his ideas and general themes, then Martin created the overall myth. Martin also created characters and “mystical and mysterious” elements that Miyazaki’s developers used later when creating the game.

According to Miyazaki, the Ring of Elden refers to a “mysterious idea that defines the game’s world”. Although we don’t know its exact nature, we do know it has been destroyed by someone or something.

The Ring of Elden project was started after Dark Souls III DLC expired. It was also created while Shadows Die Twice was still in development. Hidetaka Miyazaki, through her co-directors was able manage both projects simultaneously. At this time, it is unclear if FromSoftware is working on another Souls type or if this is the only major project.

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