Elba Island: excursions to see dolphins, whales and monk seals

The Italian summer it is full of surprises. For example, on the Island of Elba, in addition to swimming in the blue and clear sea, you can dive to discover seals, dolphins and orcas.

Sightings of wildlife are in fact frequent on Elba, the “capital” island of the Tuscan Archipelago Natural Park and the heart of the MAB Unesco Reserve. In addition to whales, spotted last summer, and dolphins, frequent guests of the sea surrounding the coast, the2020 began with the sighting of some orcas and recently the monk seal: absent for some tens of years, it has been recently sighted by tourists and fishermen and its presence has also been ascertained by scholars of ISPRA (Superior Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), who have validated the presence of some specimens at the Capraia Island.

For this reason, starting from July 26, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park organizes on the Island of Capraia and in the heart of the International Pelagos Marine Mammal Sanctuary moments of exploration of the island by sea, in the morning or late afternoon, accompanied by expert guides which will assist participants in sightings.

Famous for its waters that have always been a refuge for many species and a paradise for diving enthusiasts, even without diving special meetings can be held: on board the boat and supported by the best equipment, you can admire dolphins, whales, dolphins and sperm whales, enjoying the panorama of the Island of Elba from a new perspective and surrounded by the crystal clear sea.

For information on costs and to book you need to call Info Park (tel. 0565 908231) or the new one La Salata environmental education center at no. 32,096,056,560.
The excursion is also suitable for families.



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