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Elastic training: 5 exercises to do at home

Elastic training: 5 exercises to do at home

L’training with rubber bands is the ideal choice of home fitness to try right now alone at home. It allows in fact to train the whole body with the use of elastic bands, very versatile tools, easy to use and cheap, which through them resistance allow you to perform all the exercises that you would do in the gym with weights, or to intensify those with free body. Not having weights, dumbbells or at home kettlebell, and if you want to avoid using water bottles in their place, elastic bands are the best substitutes: discreet, they take up very little space in a drawer, and require minimal expenditure. And they are really easy and intuitive to use. This also makes them suitable for beginners, who approach gymnastics at home for the first time, because, by avoiding overloads, they save any unpleasant injuries that may occur to non-experts not followed by a personal trainer.

Elastic bands are colored rubber strips, very thin and up to about 10 cm wide, available with different progressive resistances. This characteristic makes them weaker to pull at the beginning of the exercise and gradually harder, intensifying their resistance and your effort.

They are ideal for training the legs, buttocks, arms and shoulders, chest straps, for performing tractions and helping in stretching.

Through training with elastic bands, you can strengthen your muscles and tone your body.

Try these 5 exercises total body

1- Backward momentum for the buttocks

From the starting position on all fours, stop the two ends of the elastic under the right knee, making it pass in the central part under the left foot. Swing your left leg back. Perform 3 sets of 10. Change leg. With this exercise the buttocks and back muscles of the leg will work.

2- Squats for legs and buttocks

With legs spread at the height of the hips and toes towards the outside, position the elastic bandaging both knees. Bring your pelvis back and, while going down, bring your knees outwards. 2 sets of 10. All leg muscles and glutes will work.

3- Bridge for lower abs

Place the elastic band around both knees, lie on the ground, place your feet with the sole on the ground and bend your knees at 90 °. Raise the hips, pushing the buttocks upwards, keeping them tight, hold the position for a few seconds, return and perform in sets of 2 by 10. Work on the lower abs and on the pelvic floor.

4- Lateral raises for toned arms

In an upright position with feet together, hold one end of the elastic under the right foot and the other in the right hand. Raise your arm from the resting position along your side until you are in line with your shoulders. 4 sets of 10. Work on triceps and deltoids.

5- Stretching

Sitting on the ground with straight legs, place the central part of the elastic in the center of the soles of the feet and hold the two ends with your hands. Move your toes forward and backward, counteracting the movement and then helping it with the elastic. Ideal for reinforcing and relaxing the soles of the feet.

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