Eight Games by Black Developers To Check Out

Video games are big business in 2021, but like many mainstream industries, they still tend to suffer from a noticeable lack of representation. Many blockbuster titles, for example, feature white protagonists and characters, despite the fact that 57% of gamers in the United States aged 6 to 29 will be people of color in less than a decade, according to Quartz. This disconnect extends to development, where the number of white and Caucasian developers easily dwarfs the number of black developers.

Despite this disparity, however, black developers have always had an impact on the gaming world. In the 1970s, for example, black engineer Jerry Lawson changed gaming as we know it with the introduction of Channel F. , the first home cartridge video game console. This new way of playing, which allowed gamers to tackle multiple games on one system, paved the way for the systems we all know and love. Needless to say, the hardware was just the start.

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve rounded up eight black developer titles that you might have missed, whether you’re a fan of intuitive platforms or classic 2D brawlers.

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Ghost Chrono


Players who want something from a puzzle-based platformer game should try Ghost Chrono. This time-bending platform game features an art style reminiscent of Ori and the Blind Forest. You will step into the shoes of the Chrono Ghost and go through levels that showcase the Chrono Ghost’s ability to stop, slow down or speed up time. Each feature becomes more and more complex and involved over time. Each level is filled with traps, dangers and items that want to stop you. The only thing that will affect these items when they glow green are your temporal powers. This game will take careful planning, keen reflexes, and powerful time travel to beat.

Be warned, players. This game is awesome, but also difficult. It can be difficult to master, so be sure to take your time when trying!

Betrayal in Beatdown City


Do you want to beat someone who really deserves it? Betrayal in Beatdown City gives you the ability to beat Bologna out of anyone you see. By combining RPG and tactical games with fighting mechanics, you will be able to waste all the awful people you eat. You can choose your fighter and create custom strike and grapple combos to save the president, Blake Orama.

The game follows a 2D style, fight for your life, and is reminiscent of turn-based games like Yakuza 7. Those who saw their glory in Streets of rage will love picking up this game. The art style is reminiscent of those awesome 80s arcade fighting games.

Hexadecimal gambit


Maybe strategy is more your thing. Hexadecimal gambit is a short-form competitive strategy game that lets you surprise your friends in plain sight. The characters are able to jump across the board like checkerboard pieces. Each movement complements to create daring and revolutionary games to increase your chances of winning. Every match is a race because with each victory your stronger abilities are unlocked.

This game is not only perfect for single player strategy players, it is also great for playing with friends. This game was created not only for enjoying the game but also for friends to watch it. I mean, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a friend find their way into a video game.

Right now, One Man Left Studios is delaying sales of Hexadecimal gambit. This was decided because, later in 2021, Hex Gambit: reappears is about to come out.

Aurion: the legacy of Kori-Odan


On Aurioma, those who seek answers can connect with their ancestors through an energy called Aurion. King Enzo and Queen Erine Kori-Odan are crowned on their wedding day in the city of Zama. But this happy day is just the beginning. Follow Enzo and Erine Kori-Odan as they face trials and struggle to find the meaning of Kori-Odan’s legacy.

The game is done in hand drawn 2D graphics making it an absolute sight to behold. The game features fast paced real-time battles on the ground and in the air that you can try out and enjoy. If you want to play something more based on a story, Aurion: the legacy of Kori-Odan is the perfect game to try.

Nah Hair

Nah Hair

Nah Hair aims to answer a complex question in a way that players can understand: What are the stresses that black women face and how can we answer them? Nah Hair follows the struggles of a black woman to keep people from uninvitedly touching her hair. The simple browser-based game is simple, fun, and will give you a message of inappropriate racial attitudes in style. You’ll be able to create your own avatar, choose a travel destination, and use the directional keys to swipe uninvited hands.

The game is easy to navigate, so players shouldn’t have much trouble finding the keys.

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Small bird garden


Let’s face it, leisure games are all the rage. Small bird garden is the perfect virtual pet simulator that lets you customize a bird garden. You can use a variety of toys, collect accessories to dress up your birds and other quirky little things that will keep you invested in your garden. Plus, you’ll be able to listen to small conversations of birds as they chat with each other. And with over 100 birds, you’ll be able to find your own favorite birds, improve friendship levels, and other surprises that we don’t want to offer here.

What could be more relaxing than a gentle bird garden? Not a lot. It’s the perfect way to enjoy downtime and listen to gentle bird sounds.



Swimsanity! is an action-packed underwater shooter that will surprise you. You play as Mooba and use a variety of unique power-ups and weapons to survive in a cruel aquatic world. You can team up with friends to swim, explore and shoot in Adventure Mode, or take on Last Mooba Standing matches. And, with over 150 challenges to complete in 8 action-packed game modes, you and your friends are sure to be in the face for hours.

What else, Swimsantiy! is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC, and offers cross-platform play. No matter what system your friends are playing on, you can definitely play all together.

Before I forget


Sometimes a beautiful story game is the perfect thing for a long day. Before I forget is a story game about love, loss and a fulfilled life. The game centers on Sunite, a woman with dementia precocious. You find yourself trying to piece her life together by searching her for answers and clues. Each object brings you a little closer to bringing back the memories of Sunite.

Before I forget highlights the small but important aspects of our daily life. Each item in Sunite’s house has a heavy story that will help her collect her memories. The game explores the tragedy of how easily memories can be lost by the people who experience them. Be prepared for tears and some thrills when you play this one.

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