Eid ul Adha Mehndi Design 2024 – Bakrid Mehndi Design

Eid ul-Adha, one of the most auspicious days of Islam, is about to arrive. If you are also thinking of applying mehndi on your hands to make this day special, then in this article we will show you some designs. These designs are also special because you will get to see Gulf art in it, which gives it a different style from other mehndi designs.

Specialty of Gulf Mehndi Art

Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are the seven countries situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea, which are called Gulf countries. These countries are very hot and women here use mehndi both traditionally and as a hobby. Generally, the trend of applying Arabic mehndi is more here. Indian women also like this mehndi very much. However, apart from Arabic mehndi, other designs are also being liked in this region. In which architectural designs of Islamic buildings are included. These mehndi designs look very artistic and beautiful.

Eid ul Adha Mehndi Design

eid ul adha mehndi design

Write Eid ul-Adha on hands, see Mehndi design

If the handwriting of the Mehndi artist is good, then you can get the Mehndi written on your hands in English, Hindi or Urdu language. This will increase the importance of your Mehndi even more in terms of the festival. This type of Mehndi will become completely festival centric.

Eid ul Adha Gulf Mehndi Design
Eid ul Adha Gulf Mehndi Design

Bell Mehndi Design

You will find many designs in Gulf, but on the special occasion of Bakrid, you can get Gulf design mehndi art made on 2 fingers instead of one. In this, mostly flower and leaf designs are preferred.

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eid ul adha bakrid festival new

Bold Mehndi Design

You will mostly find broad and bold mehndi designs in Gulf Mehndi Designs. In this, you can make designs of flowers, leaves, vines and creepers on the entire hand and then fill it with mehndi. These designs are applied in less time and look very beautiful after they are done. You can apply it on any type of hand, be it thin, thick or wide, and this design can be applied on both the front and back of the hands.

gulf mehndi designs for eid

Netting, chandeliers and mosaics

In Mehndi, you will find all three – Jaal, Jhoomar and Pacchikari. You can also consider these three as a part of Islamic architecture and interior. Mehndi can be given the most beautiful look with Pacchikari. Although it is done on stones and walls. But you can also apply this design on hands through Mehndi. In this, you will mostly see Meenakari vine.

arabic pattern mehndi design

Apart from Arabic vine, you can also apply Arabic Mehndi pattern on your hands. This type of design has many shapes, like betel leaf shape, arch, net, window and various border designs can be made. You can make small and fine Mehndi designs inside these and give it a more beautiful look. It looks full on the hands and is applied with a very thin tip of the cone. You can apply it on the front and back of the hands. There is no theme in this, designs are made by joining one after the other.

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Eid ul Adha Mehndi Design hand

Mandala and mosaic

The combination of Pacchikari design with Mandala looks very beautiful. If you apply this type of Mehndi design on the front side of the hands, then it gives a very full and beautiful look. This type of Mehndi can be called Indo-Arabic design. Actually, Mandala art is Rajasthani art and Pacchikari is a sample of Islamic architecture. This type of design looks very good on thin and long hands.

henna art for eid

mesh mehndi design

On the auspicious occasion of Eid, you can also apply Jaal Mehndi design. Let us tell you that there are many designs of Jaal. If your hands are thin, then bold Jaal design and if your hands are thick, then fine Jaal designs will look very beautiful on your hands. You can also make filler designs inside such Jaal designs. It gets applied very well on hands in less time and looks very beautiful even after getting applied.

gulf henna art

Patches Mehndi Design

Kafeef patches, symmetrical patches and motif patches, these types of patches are becoming quite popular in mehndi designs these days. You can cover the patch by making any other design around it. If you are applying such designs on Eid, then you can make a dome design. This will make your mehndi look even more beautiful.

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