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Egypt In June Guide To Explore The Pyramids And The Red Sea

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A trend started by the Greeks and Romans, tourists roam Egypt to see its great attractions, which have been popular since ancient times. However, the tour Egypt in June Not very popular among visitors, some of you may be fascinated by the lesser crowd. Most of the city and population are inhabited by the Nile which makes up Egyptian life.

The Nile Valley and the dry desert are the exact opposite because the former is working with people while the latter is empty and hostile. This duality is also reflected in the country’s character, economy and its people.

From ancient rituals to modern trade and politics, Egypt is also home to people from two of the world’s most popular religions. If you still haven’t made up your mind to go to Egypt, then this guide will help you do so.

Weather in egypt in june

Permanent Weather in Egypt

In Egypt, the weather is quite hot in June. Since the heat in the day is in full swing and the temperature is between 35 and 40 ° C. The night temperature, however, hovers around 22 ° C. However, the weather may also be good in June, depending on which city you are in. For example, coastal cities such as Alexandria and Hurghada have a comfortable climate, but cities in interior areas such as Cairo and Luxor are warm.

Things to remember while traveling in June

The flight

A trip to Egypt in June can be harmful to your health if you are not careful of what you pack. The weather can be hot and humid and all types of clothes should be either cotton or linen. Synthetics are not a strict one. A rehydration kit with sunglasses, sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat and water bottle should be in your travel bag.

Why should you go to egypt in june

There are advantages of visiting Egypt in June. As the summer heat rises, the number of tourists starts decreasing along with the tourist attraction in the hotels. This enables you to have a relaxing tour for a good shot at the attraction, some cool photos as well as cheap but luxurious accommodation. Air travel within and outside the country is affordable. The lean crowd also means that shopping is cheap. Keeping all these things in mind, you proceed to where you will go in Egypt and what you will do.

5 places to stay in Egypt in June

The following places will entice you to click those cool detailed photos:

1. Ras Mohammad National Park

Ras Mohammad National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park is located in the waters surrounding the Sinai Peninsula. The place is famous for drooling sites such as Jolanda and Shark Reefs, which is famous for its magnificent coral reefs. Ras Mohammed’s landscape consists of ancient earthquakes, isolated but beautiful beaches and huge surface rocks formed by mangrove outcrops.

Conversely, back at sea you can reward snorkeling around a variety of coral reefs and fish. All this is definitely going to give you relief from the scorching heat.

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2. Blue Hole

Blue hole

The Blue Hole is one of the most maligned diving sites in Egypt. Carved in the same coral reef, it falls on you like a sinkhole and falls straight down, as much as 120 m. Amateur divers need to keep themselves close to the surface. However, more experienced and technically sound divers can proceed to explore deep abyss.

The outer rim is rich in biodiversity and makes plenty of beautiful aquatic plants and fishes. Those of you adventurous can definitely try this one.

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3. Alexandria National Museum

Alexandria National Museum

This incredible museum sets very high standards with the preservation of the great history of Alexandria. From ancient times to the modern era, the well-documented and labeled collections of documents and antiques have done a splendid job of documenting and preserving the city’s past.

The terracotta sculptures are made up of Greek women, also known as Tanagra, and underwater discoveries are part of its collection. Whether you are a knowledge seeker or not, Alexandria National Museum is definitely going to calm your hunger for historical knowledge.

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4. Shab Samdai

Shab Samdai

Sha’ab Samadai is a wildlife reserve located about 20 km southeast of Marsa Alam. This lagoon is home to 3 diving sites with a reef system that includes beautiful fish life and complex coral pinnacles. But, what is very special is Shab Samadai is a pod of about 500 spinner dolphins that make regular visits to the lagoon. The huge diversity in coral reefs and other marine life forms makes diving and snorkeling here an experience outside the world.

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5. St. Paul’s Monastery

St. Paul's Monastery

The monastery of St. Paul began its life as a group of satellites with their chambers and dates in the 4th century around the rocks. St. Paul’s Church forms the heart of the complex as it was built around the small cave where St. Paul lived.

Candles, altars, murals and ostrich eggs that are considered symbols of resurrection create the interior and represent biblical stories and saints. The fort above the church where the monks retreat during the Bedoin raid.

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Trying activities in Egypt on 5 June

The activities listed below would be a good balance between warm road and cozy water and nights:

1. Enjoy the sunset on a Neil Felucca cell

Felucca is a traditional Egyptian boat. You can arrange an hour-long Felukka ride on the Nile to see the beautiful sunset. The mild breeze in the evening gives you the much needed respite along with watching the sunset. As the boat shines along, you can see the beautiful city lights and enjoy your breakfast with a drink. If you are visiting Egypt in June then this is a must try.

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2. Bedouin Barbecue in the Desert

Bedouin Barbecue

You can take a safari from your hotel in Hurgada to meet the local Bedouin people. After the 30-minute drive, you walk up some hills to see the Bedouin settlement. Here, you can observe their way of life as they prepare you a barbecue dinner. You can gaze at the clear night sky as you feast on food with the evening breeze through your hair.

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3. Scuba Dive at Hurbeda

scuba diving

Scuba diving in the Red Sea is a great way to beat the heat of Egypt. Hurghada is one of the most famous scuba diving spots in the world. It does not matter whether you are an experienced diver or amateur, you can hire a local instructor to help you based on your proficiency. They will also accompany you during your dive to ensure safety.

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4. Enjoy home-cooked meals with the locals

cooked food

If you start missing from home in the middle of your journey, don’t worry, we’ll cover you. Many local families invite small tourist groups to break bread with them. This can be an invaluable experience as it helps you connect with the local people one-on-one and greatly observes the subtlety of their way of life.

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5. Surfing Around Utopia Island



For thrill seekers, you might find that there are various spots to feel the adrenaline rush. If you want to surf on them, the waters around Utopia Island are great. For those who do not surf, you can snorkel around the island and discover beautiful sea life and coral reefs. There are also underwater boat cruises for those who do not want to get into the water but still want to explore the sea.

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We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you get a hold of the essentials for your next Egyptian holiday. Go ahead, create and live the memories you only saw on TV or films. This guide will be your ideal companion when planning a trip to Egypt in June.

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Frequently asked questions for Egypt in June

Q. Is June a good time to visit Egypt?

a. Yes. June to September is an excellent time to visit beach resorts in Egypt. Despite the extreme heat, temperatures on the coast are cold.

Q. Which is the cheapest month to visit Egypt?

a. The cheapest month to fly to Egypt is February when the crowds are less and the airplanes are also less.

Q. How many days do you need to see Egypt?

a. Anywhere from 7-8 days is sufficient for exploring the whole of Egypt. But if you want to get taller for better accommodation, then around 12-13 days is fine.

Q. Is it safe to go to Cairo?

a. It is largely safe. There is no advice against visiting tourist areas along Cairo, Alexandria, Neil, and the Red Sea resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh.

Q. What are the airlines to go to Egypt?

a. There are several airlines that fly to Egypt including Lufthansa flights, SWISS flights, Aeroflot and Etihad Airways.

Q. Which currency should I bring in Egypt?

a. Egyptian pound. Euro, Dollar and Sterling notes are accepted. But it is really necessary to exchange as soon as possible.

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