Eclectic Bohemian Design and Furniture

Bohemian eclectic decor is a unique personal statement that draws inspiration from a variety of cultures and a broad spectrum of vintage spaces. A well-kept space that is based exclusively on true imagination that knows no boundaries and does not seek approval is a truly eclectic boho style. Antiques and furniture that are art, unique handcrafted handcrafted furniture enliven every room as you pass through the house.

An eclectic mix of colors and textures seen in the ancient doors of India and the carved barn doors instantly illuminate a space that was previously boring and boring. Embellished tapesteries and transparent sari curtains, mix various motifs and textures in a bold bohemian eclectic statement. The aged wood, metal-studded furniture and the old multimedia consoles of the door sideboard give the house free animated vibrations.

The bohemian style is not for those who like neutral tones. Bright colors of the turquoise coffee tables or the carved ocher yellow wardrobe must be added to your space. Mix the brightly colored Indian barns of Krishna and Ganesha adding the charm of the old world, connecting with ancient traditions and energies. Every corner of the room is vibrant with love and color and the energy level in the room is exuberant with happiness.

A beautiful hand-carved swing is found in the living room under high ceilings, surrounded by tall plants. Design what you would do with energies that take you beyond normal. The arches and custom carved doors give bold statement to the doors. Create a collage of images with your favorite objects and frame it with an old window carved with elegance and complexity in paisleys and flowers. The haveli door with horseshoes and a beautiful head carved with fish and chakras is the masterpiece of architectural design that leads into the library. Create an eclectic bohemian statement with all your family photos hanging in a custom carved wall frame.

The canopies made with sari curtains and patchwork accent patch inserts energize the bedroom. Have fun with the custom-made kamasutra headboard in different colors and the textures that add layers of depth to the fabrics. Crystals and plants together with large wooden cabinets carved in shades of soft green and peach give the room a masterful touch of bohemian charm. Your home is a paradise of eclectic cured art and vibrant architecture with your personal style.

Fall in love with the Om Jaipur door and build a room around it, taking what it offers, all the time and people it has seen and experienced, combining everything to add a new dimension of energy. By binding to the sculpture of the Shiva Parvati temple, an extraordinarily spectacular sculpture that is located within the huge arch of Shekhawati, there is a magnetic attraction for the ancient energy it represents. Eclectic bohemian decor has no boundaries and is free like you.


by Era Chandok

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