What to eat to gain weight vegetarian

What to eat to gain weight vegetarian

What to eat to gain weight vegetarian : It is believed that non vegetarian people gain weight quickly, but there is no contradiction to this fact,  but then the importance of vegetarian food in gaining weight cannot be ignored. If you are vegetarian and wish to grab few pounds, then don’t forget to follow the below mentioned tricks.


Manage your calorie counts

Every individual needs adequate calories to perform their work on a daily basis. With the aim of increasing weight one needs to increase his daily calorie intake by 500 calories.


Eat more of healthy calories

With weight gain in mind one has to keep munching more calories. They need not sacrifice with their mouthwatering dishes. Have more of snacks and ice creams.

Have more of protein rich food

Vegetarian needs to eat food that have a good amount of protein like brown rice and beans.

Soya is good for you

It I vegetarian’s best friend. When you add it to any food product it will increase its protein value.

Take more of carbohydrates


When a person needs to reduce weight then he has to reduce his carbohydrates, but with weight gain objective one has to eat more carbohydrates.

More snacks

Eat more snacks in between your meals.

Increase your meals to 6

If you are not able to eat more at a time, then it is advised to eat 6 small meals throughout a day.

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