Easy To Grow Summertime Favorites

By Tonya Barnett | June 27, 2020

Adding flowering plants to the garden is a surefire way to get bright colors and attract pollinators and beneficial insects. While perennial plants and shrubs can take several years to become established and bloom constantly, annual flowers are an excellent way to get that instant color in the landscape. Annual flower transplanting or direct sowing is a quick and easy way for even novice growers to create interesting and fun green spaces.

Annual summer flowers for beginners

For many gardeners, the first annual blooms of summer flowers indicate that the warmer climate has arrived and that the growing season is fully underway. Annual flowers are generally easy to grow quickly from seed and bloom. While the selection of annual summer flowers will vary from one growing area to another, some varieties can find a home in almost any garden.

Having said that … drum roll, please … here are my three favorites in the summer that every novice gardener should try growing in the garden.

  • CosmosSeveral popular types of cosmos flowers are grown for their beautiful blooms. Of varying sizes, most gardeners are able to find cultivars to complement their landscape. Cosmos bipinnatus it is more common. Varieties such as ‘Double Click’ and ‘Candy Stripe’ bloom in purple and white. Cosmos sulphureus, another favorite, it creates a profusion of bright orange blossom. Cosmos seeds can be sown directly in flowers without weeds and are adaptable to various types of soil. They are also known to thrive in areas that are not ideal for other types of plants.
  • SunflowersSunflowers are often among the first flowers grown by beginner gardeners with good reason. They are super easy! Although most are familiar with taller and larger sunflower varieties, the size of the plants varies. Dwarf varieties will certainly appear beautiful on the border, while others can be grown for their use as cut flowers or sunflower seeds. The colors of the sunflower range from pale yellow to dark burgundy or brown. Sunflower seeds should be sown directly after all the chances of frost have passed in the spring. For best results, distance each seed according to the package instructions. Since sunflowers are known to be heavy feeders, make sure that some beds are well modified.
  • ZinniasJust like sunflowers, zinnias are a favorite in the summer. Blooming in just 8-10 weeks after planting, these flowers allow you to quickly add color to the garden. While many varieties of zinnias are quite tall, some cultivars produce dwarf types ideal for use as bed plants. Zinnias are appreciated for their size and come again. This means that the plant responds well to deadhead or use for cut flowers. The varieties of the “Benary’s Giant” series produce showy and bright flowers throughout the growing season. Zinnia seeds can be sown directly in a garden bed prepared in spring for bright summer blooms.

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