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Easy natural makeup: everyday makeup

Easy natural makeup: everyday makeup

The natural makeup surprisingly, it is one of the most difficult to achieve on a professional level. A makeup artist may also have to do dozens of steps to create a “no-makeup makeup” perfectly done.

Obtaining a natural effect with make-up requires the alternation of product applications and infinite and careful ones shades, the choice of the best textures that blend with the skin and become invisible and gods finish that recall the natural brightness of the complexion.

To have a natural effect, make-up must be there, without being noticed. Even at home, however, it is possible to be inspired by know-how make up artists and recreate an easy natural makeup in just a few steps.

To do this, just choose key products, with creamy textures or in imperceptible powder, and with radiant reflections in natural shades.

Among the products for a natural make-up to try, the illuminant plays a central role in enhancing the light points of the face. For even more natural reflections try an illuminant that combines various shades to mix together, such as Highlighter Trio face powder de La Biosthétique, declined in the coordinated shades of Gold and Rosé. “The three color shades associated in harmony with each other give each complexion a natural and bright touch,” he explained Jessica Palmeri, Product Manager Make-Up La Biosthétique.

Highlighter Trio face powder de La Biosthétique

For a complete natural make-up try also:

Neo Nude Natural Glow Foundation by Giorgio Armani

The new generation ones have coverage ultralight, water-based, a formula skincare particularly moisturizing and a radiant finish that perfects the complexion without masking it. The best application method is with i fingertips or with a wet sponge.

It is used in moderation, only where it is strictly necessary, such as dark circles and facial imperfections. Choose a liquid formula, easier to blend and less visible.

Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer Macchiato by FENTY BEAUTY

The shadows on the face that recall the tan are another fundamental step to recreate in the “no-makeup makeup” beauty look. The cream texture makes the result extremely natural. Apply it following the two C rule: external side of the forehead, temples, under the cheekbone and then under the jaw.

Glassy Blush by the Glass by EspressOH

Tap it directly with your fingertips on the cheeks. The version that reacts to the pH of the skin creates a very natural complexion It is customized.

Lid Slick Eye Pigment in Just Do You by INC.redible

With reflections shimmer, the creamy texture fades very easily and the natural effect is ensured in the skin-colored nuances, golden and brown.

Eyelash curler Dior Backstage by Dior

Lash Expert by by Terry Paris

Highlighting lashes is also good in natural looks. But if you want to reduce the impact of the look, try using the eyelash curler to better open your eyes and to apply mascara only on the ends of the eyelashes, or try a mascara Brown.

Click Pen Eyebrow N.02 of Wycon

© RobertoJambice

To define and comb them, without being too marked, prefer an eyebrow gel transparent or slightly colored.

Colored lip balm

Rose perfecto Liquid Balm by Givenchy

The most natural lip look recalls the color pinkish and the lucidity of the mucosa. That’s why dark balms are the perfect products for this type of makeup. In liquid version they are even easier to use.

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