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Easy mehndi designs for regular occasions

Mehndi is something that most of the women love – especially women from South Asia. It is loved not only because it is part of the tradition and culture but also because it makes the woman look even more beautiful. A good mehndi design can bring out the beauty of every woman. Although mehndi art is practiced mostly in South Asia, it is also becoming quite popular in the west.

Easy mehndi designs
Easy mehndi designs

 You can say that mehndi is a natural dye. This dye is made using the stem and leaves of the henna tree. You will see a lot of women wearing mehndi on some special occasions, especially wedding ceremonies. They are also worn during festivals. It is like a temporary tattoo on your body. So, if you want body art which is not permanent you can go for mehndi.

You must have seen women wearing some really intricate designs while attending the wedding ceremonies. In fact, the mehndi art worn by the bride is extremely involved and designed by an expert. But there are some really beautiful and yet simple mehndi designs as well. These designs instantly enhance the beauty and look extremely chic. The good thing is that they are perfect for regular occasions.

Here are some of the mehndi designs that can be created with incredible ease. They look uncluttered, simple, and pretty elegant.

Simple mehndi design for index finger and thumb

 Simple mehndi design for index finger and thumb

  • There is no need to cover your entire hand with the mehndi. You can get the mehndi art that covers only a small part of it. There are some really beautiful design ideas that can be used for the index finger and thumb.
  • The design idea can be pretty simple, such as a simple pattern. It is easy to apply. Even you can apply it on your hand without anyone’s help. The simple yet elegant designs have the capability to attract the attention of the onlookers. This idea is good for just about any occasion whether it is a wedding ceremony or a festival.

Mehndi on one finger

 Mehndi on one finger

  • If you want to go even simpler, you can choose the easy design only for one finger. This could be a good idea for engagement. This is because at this time the attention will be on your one finger. So, you can flaunt some good design there.
  • This is also for those women who do not like elaborate and intricate mehndi designs. There are many patterns and design ideas that can be used for it. For instance, you can create small flowers on your finger.

Simple designs for the feet

 Simple designs for the feet

  • There is a simple floral design idea for your feet. You can create a large flower with some leaves. This is a pretty easy design to get for your feet. You can match your nail art with the design or vice versa. In this way the whole feet will look consistent.
  • It is extremely easy to create such designs. Although they are simple they still look very pretty. It would be a good idea to go for the red mehndi design. You can match it with the red nail paint as well. It is a perfect design if you are attending a wedding ceremony. You can accessorize the appearance further with stylish toe rings.
  • If you are someone who loves mehndi but not when it is intricate or lavish, you can try even simpler design. Instead of covering the front of the foot behind the toes you can get the mehndi art on the sides. You can keep it very simple and there is no obligation to match it with nail art or nail paint. This is a very hassle-free design.

Floral patterns for your hand

  • Floral patterns can be simple as well as complicated. It is all your choice. If you are looking for a simple design then you would want a lot of empty space on the hand. So, you can get some small flowers designed with the thin and long-running stem up to the tip of one of the fingers.
  • Simple designs can also be embellished a little bit with stones and glitters. This will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Get some flowers designed and put some glitter in the middle. You will have a wonderful and yet simple design ready.

Simple mehndi patterns have become very popular. Women want to look chic but at the same time, they have to go to work. Sometimes carrying heavy design to the workplace may look awkward. Therefore, lots of women are now going for minimal mehndi designs.

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