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Easy light eye makeup: how to make it – Tips Clear.it

Target makeup clear eyes easy to make. If summer has always been the season of makeup glow, simple and essential to ward off unwanted cakey effect, on the other hand, this year we have to manage the mask that left us “without nose and without mouth”, requiring us to concentrate all attention on the eyes. But one thing is certain: clear eyes are at an advantage because if well made up they will be even more expressive and magnetic.

How to make up clear eyes: the 3 steps of Rihanna’s make-up artist

Priscilla Ono, Global Make-Up Artist Fenty Beauty

As with any self-respecting makeup, there are steps to be taken that make makeup more reliable and maximize its results. The three gestures never again without Priscilla Ono, global make-up artist of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s beauty brand I’m:

Apply the primer: “It makes the eyeshadow more vibrant, fluid and lengthens its hold without creases forming on the eyelids”.
Blend the eyeshadow: “Regardless of what the look is, I always recommend mixing the eye shadows before moving on to the next shade. The brush Fenty Beauty Tapered Blending Brush 210 it adapts perfectly to the cut of the eye and allows easy blending of all angles, “says Priscilla Ono.
Mascara without lumps: “Lashes free from mascara lumps are an essential step.” Priscilla recommends a mascara that allows you to volumize and at the same time separate and lengthen your lashes as Full Frontal Mascara by Fenty Beauty. The trick to avoid lumps is to move the zig zag brush during application.

The simple makeup for light eyes

There is no standard makeup for light eyes, but the warm nuances create the right contrast to highlight the color of the iris. “To create a simple look, I suggest starting from applying Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner in the shade Puppy Eyes – a metallic bronze – on the eyelid. Then I blur the edges and with the same brush I apply Cumin Get It, which is the perfect shade of brown in the eyeshadow palette Snap Shadows in True Neutrals. To finish, I apply a shimmering champagne shade to illuminate the eyebrow arch “.

Eyeshadows for light eyes

The contrasting colors for blue eyes are the warm shades of the peach, brown, orange and metallic shades like bronze, gold and copper. “Blue and orange are on opposite sides of the color wheel, so all the warm shades that are part of the orange family make the eyes lighter and brighter. Alternatively, those with a complexion with a cold undertone can focus on shades rose. ”
Advice: “Even some shades of blue can emphasize light eyes. Instead of edging the eyes with traditional black eyeliner, I recommend trying with a navy blue or an electric blue, “explains Priscilla Ono.

How to enlarge light eyes

“To open your eyes, try applying a light and luminous eyeliner on the eyelash rhyme: it has an effect exactly opposite to black, which if stretched inside reduces the size of the eye. Then, you can add a sparkling touch by applying an eyeshadow or a highlighter in the internal corner and then obviously the mascara, with its incomparable amplifying effect “.

Light eyes and dark hair

The smokey eyes has the gift of enhancing the eye always and in any case. In this case, to bring out the blue of the eyes, it must be combined with the hair color. So yes to shades of brown applied both above and below. Priscilla Ono recommends creating a very soft and diffused smokey eyes by mixing “the black, the sparkling gray and the soft brown of the palette Snap Shadows Smoky”.

Light eyes and blond hair

“Soft colors adapt very well to people with fair complexions and light hair. The shades of light peach and pink bring out the blue of the eyes with an effortless touch, without creating an excessive contrast with the color of the hair “.

Dewy effect

Even with eye makeup you can get the “dewy” effect, fresh, radiant reminiscent of dew, bright but not shiny. It is the result of the illuminant applied to the center of the lower and upper eyelid. Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil illuminates the eyes with a diamond powder.

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