Easy Face Pack to remove Fine lines and wrinkles

Easy Face Pack to remove fine lines and wrinkles

Easy Face Pack to remove Fine lines and wrinkles

Our skin is constantly aging and aging is something that we don’t want but can’t stop it. But have you ever thought friends that with using some beauty tips and with the right skin care, we can keep our skin younger looking for a lot longer. I have in fact observed that a lot of youngsters have these fine lines and wrinkles which is due to not using sunscreen. Sun damage can cause fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Read how to protect the skin from sun damage here. So, in that case you can try this quick face pack to remove the lines from the face.

Carrot and Egg Face Pack for lines and wrinkles on the face

Here is a quick carrot face pack that will help you to get smoother softer skin.

  • Take a small piece of carrot and grind it so that you get a pulp.
  • Then add some egg white in that. You can break the egg take the egg white and then use the remaining egg for preparing the dish or something as I really don’t want that you should waste the product.
  • Or you can use the remaining egg yolk for the hair. That will make the hair shinier and softer as egg yolk is full on fats and proteins.
  • Anyways, So, in the grinded carrot pulp add some egg white and mix them well. To give this pack a little thickness we can add just ½ teaspoonful of the besan (gram flour) in it.
  • Then mix everything nicely. Apply on the face in a layer. Then leave for 30 minutes. Rinse the face with clean water.
  • You will feel that the skin instantly feels brighter and tighter.
  • This facial pack with carrot for fine lines and wrinkles should be tried 3 times in a week for good results.

Now, let’s see what this face pack will do for you. By the way you can see more of the carrot face packs here.

Benefits of this Carrot Face pack for fine lines wrinkling skin

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, hence will improve the skin’s elasticity. Elasticity helps in preventing the fine lines.

Carrots will also promote the production of the collagen in the cells.

This facial pack will get rid of the flaky dead skin cells, hence the new skin layer is exposed which is brighter and less blemished.

The egg white helps in tightening the face. Read more about skin tightening face packs

While you have this face pack on the skin you will feel that this also improves the blood circulation as soon as this starts to get dry.

This face pack also tightens and shrinks the skin pores temporarily. Read here about a pore tightening facial mask

This pack also helps to make the skin glow this is because the carrots are rich in antioxidants.

Your skin will love this. If you don’t have fine lines but wish to get the glow on the face then simply apply the carrot pulp, there is no need to add the besan or egg white in this.

So, don’t you think this is easy and effective. Yes, this is friends, try it and get the tighter looking skin.

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