Early Prime Day 2020 deal: Buy an Eero 6 mesh router, get a free Echo Dot and free Philips Hue bulbs

This is part of the story Amazon prime day, Tips Clear’s guide on everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Just last week, Amazon announced Two brand new iro mesh routers, Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6. As the name itself suggests, adds full support for each Wi-Fi 6The newest and most advanced version of Wi-Fi, plus the ZigBee Hub to connect to things like smart lights and smart locks. And late Prime Day does not officially begin until October 13, Preorder deals on both new Eero 6 systems are already live. In both cases, overall prices for the system are unchanged, but Amazon is throwing in some free tools to sweeten the pot.


A three-piece ERO 6 system with a router and two range-extended satellite devices cost $ 279. The system won’t hit the store until early November, but if you’re already ready, you can currently pair it with a free echo dot and two free Philips Hue bulbs. Total cost: still $ 279, which is one heck of a deal.

Thanks to that new ZigBee hub in the Eero router, you can connect those Hue bulbs directly to your home network, and with Alexa, which is where you’ll get the free Echo Dot. Turn the lights on and off, adjust brightness and color temperature, or trigger your favorite smart lighting scenes with quick voice commands to Amazon‘s Assistant.

Some things to keep in mind though. First of all, while this deal equips you with the new, Wi-Fi 6 version of Eero’s Mesh router, it doesn’t get you the latest Echo Dot with its new circular design. Instead, you will get a previous, puck-sized model from 2018.

Second, two hue bulbs are hue white ambience LEDs. This means that they can change the color temperature on the white light spectrum, with colors ranging from a pale, candle-like glow to warmer, more blue-white day tones. They can’t change colors on the RGB spectrum, though – so no greens, blues, pinks, purses, reds or anything like that. It’s a small one, but at least the new Eero routers make it so that you don’t need the Hue Bridge if you’re going to control them via the Alexa app.


In the meantime, if you upgrade to the rather radical Eero Pro 6 system, which also kicks off in November, you can find three packs of $ 599 currently bundled with the free Fire TV Cube on Amazon, which is usually Sells for $ 120. That router can hit speeds faster than the regular Eero 6 listed above, and the Tribend design has an additional 5GHz band that you can dedicate to the system transmission between the router and the extender. This is the best method for fast, high-end mesh networking, as our tests repeatedly show. Adding in a free Fire TV cube helps reduce that high asking price sting, too.

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